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3 ways to optimize the buyer experience

From our start as just a t-shirt selling platform to a community of eager creators and buyers, Teespring has evolved into the world’s largest selection of uniquely custom products anywhere.

Winning in commerce today means more than just high quality products that people love. Buyers want an engaging experience - a different way to shop than what they could find in a traditional retail store....

Teespring Tips

Creator Insights: Paul's approach to holiday selling

Paul is US based Teespring Creator who specializes in motorsport niches. This is his second holiday season selling with Teespring and we’re so excited he’s agreed to share some of his top tips with the Creator Community!

Teespring Tips

Creator Insights: Niche Exploration and Scaling Ads

Last time we spoke to Khorshed we discussed how he took a $100 loan and used it to become one of the top Teespring Creators within his community! Below Khorshed explains some of the techniques he uses to promote his designs and products using Facebook ads.

Teespring Tips

Storefronts! And Campaigns That Last Forever.

One common misconception about Teespring is that you can only run limited-edition campaigns. False! Teespring lets you set up storefronts as a permanent home for your merchandise, allowing your fans to purchase your stuff 24/7/365 (note: you can also do this without setting up a storefront).

Here's why you should consider setting up a storefront:

  • It's a great way to spotlight you and your...

Teespring Tips

Facebook Pixel news for Teespring Creators

To best position your business for success, Teespring Labs recommends using the New Facebook pixel that combines both the conversion tracking pixel and the Custom Audience pixels, and gives creators access to Facebook's new innovations moving forward. To make ensure that all advertisers are using the best tools possible, Facebook is removing the conversion tracking pixel in early 2017. For...

Teespring Tips

10 Tips for your Holiday Selling Tool Box

The next few months leading up to Christmas are the biggest selling months of the year! Are you taking advantage of all the Teespring tools available to you?

Teespring Tips

How to maximize sales with Teespring Storefronts

This year we’re focused on providing Teespring Creators with the tools they need to have their best holiday season yet. As part of that, we’ve made some updates to Teespring Storefronts - read on to discover useful tips and tricks that will help boost your sales to the max!

Teespring Tips

Nine Secrets to Teespring Triumph

You have a great design that you know people will love. How do you get them to buy? Here are our top nine secrets you may (or may not) know about.

Teespring Tips

How to create a lookalike audience to boost Teespring sales

Hey Springers! To maximize your TeeX success, dive head first into the land of Facebook Lookalike audiences! Lookalike audiences allow you to  reach new people who are likely interested in your design. You can base your Lookalike Audience on a variety of sources – from people who have liked your Fanpage, or people who have visited or purchased from your campaign page!

Teespring Tips

Teespring increases your profit by 40%

Over the past six months, you've likely noticed a big increase in the number of sales you're receiving that from Teespring. That's no mistake, we've been working hard to help you drive sales and that work has paid off: Teespring now increases the average seller’s profit by 40%+!

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