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Seasonal Selling

Winter Product Spotlight: What’s selling this Holiday Season?

This month we've discussed the top selling design themes and most common selling prices for the holiday season - now it’s time to talk about your buyers’ favorite holiday products. Before we dive into our top sellers from last year, let’s take a quick look at what products are heating up as the temperatures drops!

Seasonal Selling

3 ways Teespring Creators can maximize sales this holiday season

After speaking with successful Creators, reviewing insights from the 2015 holiday season, and launching some exciting new marketing initiatives we’ve compiled our top three tips Teespring Creators should know to maximize their sales this holiday season. 

Seasonal Selling

Holiday design trends Teespring Creators need to know!

Want to know what shoppers are interested in this holiday season? Teespring Creators can get useful design inspiration from last year’s top trends; products featuring design themes such as family, jobs and hobbies can make the perfect gift (so it's no wonder they're the top selling themes around the holidays). If you’re searching for some design inspiration for the upcoming months check out...

Seasonal Selling

Creator’s Guide to Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last year “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” were one of the top trending clothing items during the holidays and this year is no different! Just to refresh your memory, Ugly Christmas Sweaters first became popular in the 1980’s when celebrities began wearing them on television, in early 2000’s tacky sweater parties started happening in Canada and nowadays Christmas sweaters are as popular as ever in...

Seasonal Selling

Fall Product Spotlight 2016

As the temperature continues to drop we’re seeing a rise in cold-weather classics. There’s nothing like curling up by the fire in a fleecy hoodie, while keeping your hands warm with a mug of hot cocoa! Stay on top of trends while we fall into winter by reading our product spotlight below.

Seasonal Selling

Have Scary Big Sales this Halloween!

As the days start getting shorter and the leaves crunchier, it’s time to start thinking of upcoming fall sales trends. While Thanksgiving comes to mind as a standout autumn holiday, we must not bypass the opportunity to sell a scary amount of products for Halloween!

Seasonal Selling

Tee trends that will make you more money this summer

What's trending at Teespring this wee? We’ve just kicked off the TeeX contest (our biggest contest ever) and we’re already noticing some new trends! So what are some of the biggest takeaways for week two of the contest?

Seasonal Selling

Guide to setting up a summer sale! (And increasing your sales by 60% in the process!)

Starting your 10% off sale

It’s time to get started and start getting your 60% lift! Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get going:

Seasonal Selling

Teespring 2015 Holiday Update

Power to the Seller! We’re excited to present you the first in our three-part 2015 Holiday Seller Update - your guide into important programs, tips and changes to enhance your seasonal selling on Teespring.

Seasonal Selling

Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Templates & Tutorial

The Holidays are soon upon us, and so our thoughts naturally turn to loved ones, pumpkin pie, snowflakes...and of course, Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts.

Yes, Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts (Ugly Christmas Sweater style sweatshirts) are one of the hottest trends of the season and were extremely popular on Teespring in 2014. So we want to teach you just how to create the perfect one. Here is the...


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