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Tip your hats to this new product


  1. Create your hat design using this template
  2. Create a campaign and put your hat design (EPS recommended) on a t-shirt. We will delete the tshirt once the hat mock-up has been added
  3. Fill out this hat launch form

New Features

The Facebook Pixel: Unpixelated

Update: We have made some changes to how Facebook Pixels are used on Teespring to work better with our new Shopping Cart:

  • Pixel firing events now include "value" and "currency" fields. On InitiateCheckout and Purchase, we also include the "num_items" field that will tell you just how many items are sitting in your buyer's cart
  • Events now include "content_type=product" and...

New Features

Important update from Trust & Safety: New features improve launch experience & design protection

Teespring’s Trust and Safety team works to ensure all Creator’s designs are protected and all campaigns launched on the site follow Teespring’s policies.

New Features

Announcing: Teespring Shopping Cart

Today marks one of the most exciting moments of 2016; the launch of Teespring Shopping Cart! Cart is aimed at amplifying your holiday sales, enabling your shoppers to grab a gift for every member of their family. Let’s get rolling!

New Features

Teespring Storefronts: What's New?

Teespring Storefronts allow creators to showcase their collection of products to shoppers looking to discover their next favorite design. They are also a great place to point to from a standalone campaign, giving potential buyers the chance to add more of your designs to their closet! We’re working on updating Teespring Storefronts to help our creators build powerful and long term brands - we...

New Features

Emoji + Teespring

We at Teespring are pleased to announce that we've included emoji from the open-source EmojiOne in our design tool! Now you can create emoji designs, so you can let your shirt (or hoodie, or mug) do the speaking for you. Here's how:

New Features

Give Back with *New* Verified Contribution Badge

Your Ideas Could Change Lives

Over the course of Teespring history, creators have donated close to $4,000,000 to countless fundraisers, relief efforts, charities, and movements worldwide. Our community of creators possesses a unique talent in that they can turn good ideas into powerful businesses and brands - and many have chosen give some of the fruits of their labors back to causes close...

New Features

How Marketplace scored Dan + Luuk 1,600 free sales in 3 months

New Features, Teespring Tips

Teespring SEO: Make more money with less effort

SEO Improvements

Search engine traffic accounts for 10% of visitors to Teespring.com, and we’re pumping up our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts to exponentially grow that in the upcoming months! Because search engines feed on links to surface content, we’ve added a simple dropdown to the universal navigation that contains links for all 500 category pages. This improvement is aimed...

New Features

Introducing Teespring Creatives

Introducing: Teespring Creatives!

At Teespring, we strive to make you more money, with less effort - worry free. Our latest tool, Teespring Creatives, is meant to do just that!

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