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How to create a lookalike audience to boost Teespring sales

Hey Springers! To maximize your TeeX success, dive head first into the land of Facebook Lookalike audiences! Lookalike audiences allow you to  reach new people who are likely interested in your design. You can base your Lookalike Audience on a variety of sources – from people who have liked your Fanpage, or people who have visited or purchased from your campaign page!

Seasonal Selling

Tee trends that will make you more money this summer

What's trending at Teespring this wee? We’ve just kicked off the TeeX contest (our biggest contest ever) and we’re already noticing some new trends! So what are some of the biggest takeaways for week two of the contest?

New Features

How Marketplace scored Dan + Luuk 1,600 free sales in 3 months

Community News

Introducing: TeeX

The biggest contest in Teespring history!

We love to reward our communi(tee), so for the first time in Teespring contest history, everyone participating in TeeX has the chance to win BIG! This contest is about growing your business, setting new personal records, and showing the world that Teespring sellers are the most successful in the industry.

Teespring Tips

Teespring increases your profit by 40%

Over the past six months, you've likely noticed a big increase in the number of sales you're receiving that from Teespring. That's no mistake, we've been working hard to help you drive sales and that work has paid off: Teespring now increases the average seller’s profit by 40%+!

Teespring Tips

Increase your sales (and profit) by 60% with a summer sale!


This summer, give yourself a promotion! Offering your customers a discount is one of the best ways to instantly increase your sales. It’s a strategy that’s used by the best brands in the world, from Nike to Billabong, Lululemon to Uniqlo.

Seasonal Selling

Guide to setting up a summer sale! (And increasing your sales by 60% in the process!)

Starting your 10% off sale

It’s time to get started and start getting your 60% lift! Follow this simple step-by-step guide to get going:

Teespring Tips

Increase your Teespring Sales 5% with Storefronts

The test results are in: Grouping your campaigns with storefronts, increase sales by 5% instantly!

Hey Springers! As many of you know, we’re currently working on a big upgrade for our Storefronts look and tools. Keep an eye out for those exciting upgrades coming soon, but in the meantime, we've rolled out an improvement that will increase your sales by 5% in just a matter of minutes. Here’s...

Teespring Tips

How two guys from North Carolina became Millionaires on Teespring

Keegan Rush is a long time Springer hailing from North Carolina. For Rush, running his Teespring Business is a family affair. Read on to read a recent post that Keegan made in Teespring News, our FB Community Forum, about his formula for consistent sales and growing potential!

New Features, Teespring Tips

Teespring SEO: Make more money with less effort

SEO Improvements

Search engine traffic accounts for 10% of visitors to Teespring.com, and we’re pumping up our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts to exponentially grow that in the upcoming months! Because search engines feed on links to surface content, we’ve added a simple dropdown to the universal navigation that contains links for all 500 category pages. This improvement is aimed...

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