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Creator Insights: Paul's approach to holiday selling

Paul is US based Teespring Creator who specializes in motorsport niches. This is his second holiday season selling with Teespring and we’re so excited he’s agreed to share some of his top tips with the Creator Community!

Seasonal Selling

3 ways Teespring Creators can maximize sales this holiday season

After speaking with successful Creators, reviewing insights from the 2015 holiday season, and launching some exciting new marketing initiatives we’ve compiled our top three tips Teespring Creators should know to maximize their sales this holiday season. 

Global Markets

Best Selling Products in the EU for the Holiday Season ☃️

There is so much potential when it comes to selling in Europe! If you've launched a successful campaign in the US it's easy to adapt your best selling designs for EU markets too. Just send your designs to the Teespring Languages Department and we can help you translate them for new global markets (this service is free once you’ve sold a minimum of 100 units)!

Teespring Tips

Creator Insights: Niche Exploration and Scaling Ads

Last time we spoke to Khorshed we discussed how he took a $100 loan and used it to become one of the top Teespring Creators within his community! Below Khorshed explains some of the techniques he uses to promote his designs and products using Facebook ads.

Seasonal Selling

Holiday design trends Teespring Creators need to know!

Want to know what shoppers are interested in this holiday season? Teespring Creators can get useful design inspiration from last year’s top trends; products featuring design themes such as family, jobs and hobbies can make the perfect gift (so it's no wonder they're the top selling themes around the holidays). If you’re searching for some design inspiration for the upcoming months check out...

Teespring Tips

Storefronts! And Campaigns That Last Forever.

One common misconception about Teespring is that you can only run limited-edition campaigns. False! Teespring lets you set up storefronts as a permanent home for your merchandise, allowing your fans to purchase your stuff 24/7/365 (note: you can also do this without setting up a storefront).

Here's why you should consider setting up a storefront:

  • It's a great way to spotlight you and your...

Sell in Europe: Norwegian Fact File!

Norway is one of the top 10 richest countries in the world thanks to its natural resources! It’s also one of Teespring’s top 5 selling countries in Europe. Creators hoping to tap into this wealthy market can sell designs in English (as 91% of Norwegians speak fluent English) or translate their campaigns into Norwegian using Teespring’s translation services. Remember to select “EU” as your...

Global Markets

December 2016: Global Events Calendar

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Are you ready for the biggest shopping days of 2016? Get design inspiration and learn about upcoming events for December below - and be sure to check out our November events calendar if you haven't already. 

Global Markets

Cycling niche potential in UK, France, Germany & Italy

Did you know? The global cycling Market is valued at €38.5 Billion (2013). 21,000,000 bikes are sold annually in Europe and 13,000,000 are produced in the EU. On average, Europeans own more bikes than any other means of transport. For this reason it’s safe to say that cycling is especially popular in Europe! If you’re interested in targeting new global markets why not give cycling niches a...

New Features

The Facebook Pixel: Unpixelated

Update: We have made some changes to how Facebook Pixels are used on Teespring to work better with our new Shopping Cart:

  • Pixel firing events now include "value" and "currency" fields. On InitiateCheckout and Purchase, we also include the "num_items" field that will tell you just how many items are sitting in your buyer's cart
  • Events now include "content_type=product" and...
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