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Creator Insights: Shloka's tips for global markets

Posted by Teespring Languages Department on 11/21/16 7:30 AM


Shloka is a successful Teespring Creator based in India. He specializes in European niches and has kindly agreed to share more insight on some of the techniques he's used to find success within global markets.


NAME: Shloka Raaj

AGE: 26


Teespring Creator Since: 2014


What countries have you focused on selling to lately?

Apart from selling in the US, these are the countries where most of our sales come from listed in descending order:

  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Netherlands

If you target the same niche in multiple markets/countries, have you noticed any significant differences? Or are you able to use the same design within various EU markets? 

There are many occasions when we are able to use the same design in European markets and it sells very well. In fact, the European market is much less saturated. So, when we are trying a design in a saturated niche, we launch it in Europe first as the chances of success in Europe are larger. If it performs well in Europe then we take it over to the US.

One subtle difference that we have observed is that for US content that works well, we can have anything ranging from motivational, passionate, sarcastic remarks or puns,  whereas for Europe mostly motivational and passionate content works really well but designs with sarcastic remarks or puns don’t work that well for European campaigns.

Have you noticed any significant differences between EU and US based buyers when it comes to product preference? 

Some differences that I have observed.
  • Hoodies sell really well in Europe during winter. In the US, even during winter many people still buy T-shirts, but in Europe I see that around 90% people prefer hoodies during winter.
  • For women, V-neck T-shirts sell really well in EU and on various occasions even outdo the round neck T-shirts in term of sales.

Have you noticed any significant differences between EU and US based buyers when it comes to advertising styles? 

I have not seen any significant difference on this front.

How has Teespring’s Translation Department helped you (or made it easier to) enter new global markets?

It has made scaling much easier. There are many hobbies in which people are engaged globally. So, if a campaign does well for us in US, we simply get it translated for countries like France, Germany and Italy by the Teespring Translation Team. On few occasions these translated designs do even better than the English version in terms of sales. It would not have been possible without the awesome Languages Department at Teespring. The great thing about the translation team is that they also provide recommendations so that the intended pun has maximum effect even after translation. The Languages Department (Candelaria and Zara) have been fabulous with providing me the translations with a very quick turnaround time.

Which Teespring feature has been the most useful to you or helps you to make the most profit lately? 

Recent Teespring features that have helped me the most in scaling and increasing my profits:

  • Hashed buyer emails to create Lookalike Audiences and scale our winning campaigns
  • Teespring Marketplace gets me additional product sales
  • Volume discount for being a Gold level seller on Teespring

What are your top 3 tips for Creators interested in selling to new markets in Europe?

1. Try reusing and adapting some of your best selling English designs between the US and Europe.  If you do this often you will have some successful campaigns in these new markets sooner or later. I have had a lot of winning campaigns (over 100 sales) just by sticking to this simple strategy.

2. Spend time to find the right interests for FB Targeting. Translate the niche name in native languages as you will find Interests in native languages that will give you a much bigger audience size to target.

For example:

If you are doing a campaign for the nurse niche in French: in the ads manager searching for ‘infirmière’ (translation of nurse in French) will give you much better interests to target than searching for ‘nurse”

3. Teespring recently introduced mugs. If you have a winning campaign from the past, get a new design and feature it on mugs in Europe. I was able to revive some of my winning campaigns from a year back just using this strategy and mugs are selling well for me in Europe.

Thanks Shloka for this great feedback :)

If you would like to try out your design in the European market, get them translated with our translation service at translations@teespring.com. Simply send us an email with the English text you would like to translate, and we we will send it back to you!


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