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Global Markets

Holiday Season in Europe: French, Spanish and Italian Market Trends

France, Italy and Spain, 3 countries with high selling potential in Europe for Teespring. If you want to tap into these niches, be sure to give our latest fact file a click. Of course, these countries speak Spanish (Spain), French (France) and Italian (Italy), so we encourage you to get your designs and campaign descriptions translated with our translation service at translations@teespring.com.

Global Markets

Creator Insights: Shloka's tips for global markets

Shloka is a successful Teespring Creator based in India. He specializes in European niches and has kindly agreed to share more insight on some of the techniques he's used to find success within global markets.

Global Markets

Holiday Season in Europe: UK & German sales trends

Christmas is soon approaching and we want you to be ready for this important selling season!

Christmas is not the same all over Europe as it is in the UK and the US, and that's why we've decided over the next few weeks to share with you some important information you may find helpful when selling designs to European markets through our Holiday Season Fact Files for different European countries.

Global Markets

Creator Insights: Panupong on EU markets


Name: PanupongAge: 24Origin: ThailandTeespring Creator since: 2015

 1. What do you love about Teespring?

Right now, the thing that I love most about Teespring is Marketplace. It helps me boost sales up to 15-20% without spending on advert costs. 

Global Markets

Most Popular Selling Prices for Global Markets


When selling to global markets it can be difficult deciding on a price that works for everyone. For this reason we’ve compiled the most common price ranges per product to help make sure you know what works best! 

 These are the most common price ranges for top selling European products. Keep in mind for Euro (€) and Pounds (£) we've included VAT in the selling price.

Global Markets

Best Selling Products in the EU for the Holiday Season ☃️

There is so much potential when it comes to selling in Europe! If you've launched a successful campaign in the US it's easy to adapt your best selling designs for EU markets too. Just send your designs to the Teespring Languages Department and we can help you translate them for new global markets (this service is free once you’ve sold a minimum of 100 units)!

Sell in Europe: Norwegian Fact File!

Norway is one of the top 10 richest countries in the world thanks to its natural resources! It’s also one of Teespring’s top 5 selling countries in Europe. Creators hoping to tap into this wealthy market can sell designs in English (as 91% of Norwegians speak fluent English) or translate their campaigns into Norwegian using Teespring’s translation services. Remember to select “EU” as your...

Global Markets

Cycling niche potential in UK, France, Germany & Italy

Did you know? The global cycling Market is valued at €38.5 Billion (2013). 21,000,000 bikes are sold annually in Europe and 13,000,000 are produced in the EU. On average, Europeans own more bikes than any other means of transport. For this reason it’s safe to say that cycling is especially popular in Europe! If you’re interested in targeting new global markets why not give cycling niches a...


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