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Teespring Tips

3 ways to optimize the buyer experience

From our start as just a t-shirt selling platform to a community of eager creators and buyers, Teespring has evolved into the world’s largest selection of uniquely custom products anywhere.

Winning in commerce today means more than just high quality products that people love. Buyers want an engaging experience - a different way to shop than what they could find in a traditional retail store....

Seasonal Selling

Winter Product Spotlight: What’s selling this Holiday Season?

This month we've discussed the top selling design themes and most common selling prices for the holiday season - now it’s time to talk about your buyers’ favorite holiday products. Before we dive into our top sellers from last year, let’s take a quick look at what products are heating up as the temperatures drops!

Teespring Tips

Creator Insights: Paul's approach to holiday selling

Paul is US based Teespring Creator who specializes in motorsport niches. This is his second holiday season selling with Teespring and we’re so excited he’s agreed to share some of his top tips with the Creator Community!

Seasonal Selling

3 ways Teespring Creators can maximize sales this holiday season

After speaking with successful Creators, reviewing insights from the 2015 holiday season, and launching some exciting new marketing initiatives we’ve compiled our top three tips Teespring Creators should know to maximize their sales this holiday season. 

Teespring Tips

Creator Insights: Niche Exploration and Scaling Ads

Last time we spoke to Khorshed we discussed how he took a $100 loan and used it to become one of the top Teespring Creators within his community! Below Khorshed explains some of the techniques he uses to promote his designs and products using Facebook ads.

Seasonal Selling

Holiday design trends Teespring Creators need to know!

Want to know what shoppers are interested in this holiday season? Teespring Creators can get useful design inspiration from last year’s top trends; products featuring design themes such as family, jobs and hobbies can make the perfect gift (so it's no wonder they're the top selling themes around the holidays). If you’re searching for some design inspiration for the upcoming months check out...

Global Markets

December 2016: Global Events Calendar

The most wonderful time of the year is just around the corner! Are you ready for the biggest shopping days of 2016? Get design inspiration and learn about upcoming events for December below - and be sure to check out our November events calendar if you haven't already. 

Seasonal Selling

Creator’s Guide to Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Last year “Ugly Christmas Sweaters” were one of the top trending clothing items during the holidays and this year is no different! Just to refresh your memory, Ugly Christmas Sweaters first became popular in the 1980’s when celebrities began wearing them on television, in early 2000’s tacky sweater parties started happening in Canada and nowadays Christmas sweaters are as popular as ever in...

New Features

Announcing: Teespring Shopping Cart

Today marks one of the most exciting moments of 2016; the launch of Teespring Shopping Cart! Cart is aimed at amplifying your holiday sales, enabling your shoppers to grab a gift for every member of their family. Let’s get rolling!

Global Markets

Get the highest ROI with Teespring's Profit Advantage

Teespring strives to find Creators more profit every chance we get. This means that when the price of a service - like screen printing - goes down, we pass that extra money back to our Community.

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