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Tip your hats to this new product


  1. Create your hat design using this template
  2. Create a campaign and put your hat design (EPS recommended) on a t-shirt. We will delete the tshirt once the hat mock-up has been added
  3. Fill out this hat launch form

Community News

New Products & Cashback to Maximize your Sales

Get ready for some crazy updates Over the past 5 years more than 1,000,000 creators have used Teespring to bring their ideas to life. Together, we’ve created art that tens of millions of people have bought, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profit for creators all over the world. Phew, that’s alot! We’ve done all this while maintaining the highest conversion rates in the...

New Features

The Facebook Pixel: Unpixelated

Update: We have made some changes to how Facebook Pixels are used on Teespring to work better with our new Shopping Cart:

  • Pixel firing events now include "value" and "currency" fields. On InitiateCheckout and Purchase, we also include the "num_items" field that will tell you just how many items are sitting in your buyer's cart
  • Events now include "content_type=product" and...

New Features

Important update from Trust & Safety: New features improve launch experience & design protection

Teespring’s Trust and Safety team works to ensure all Creator’s designs are protected and all campaigns launched on the site follow Teespring’s policies.

How to hire a freelancer on Upwork

Crafting a design for your products takes time, energy, and expertise to perfect. Many Teespring Creators find themselves in need of quality graphic design skills, and in many cases, it’s worth entrusting this task to an outside designer.
Amongst the Teespring Community, we’ve identified four major characteristics of creators that would benefit from hiring a freelance designer...

New Features

Give Back with *New* Verified Contribution Badge

Your Ideas Could Change Lives

Over the course of Teespring history, creators have donated close to $4,000,000 to countless fundraisers, relief efforts, charities, and movements worldwide. Our community of creators possesses a unique talent in that they can turn good ideas into powerful businesses and brands - and many have chosen give some of the fruits of their labors back to causes close...

Springer Stories

How Beau Bergeron Raised $50k+ for Louisiana Flood Relief on Teespring

Beau Bergeron is a graphic designer and creative born in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, living in Oakland California. When disastrous flooding hit his home state last month, he “sprang” into action. Inspired by the people who used their fishing boats to rescue neighbors during the flooding in Baton Rouge, Beau designed tees celebrating this “Cajun Navy,” to do what he could to help his hometown. Beau...

New Features

How Marketplace scored Dan + Luuk 1,600 free sales in 3 months

Community News

Introducing: TeeX

The biggest contest in Teespring history!

We love to reward our communi(tee), so for the first time in Teespring contest history, everyone participating in TeeX has the chance to win BIG! This contest is about growing your business, setting new personal records, and showing the world that Teespring sellers are the most successful in the industry.

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Teespring increases your profit by 40%

Over the past six months, you've likely noticed a big increase in the number of sales you're receiving that from Teespring. That's no mistake, we've been working hard to help you drive sales and that work has paid off: Teespring now increases the average seller’s profit by 40%+!

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