Communi(tee) Satisfaction

We can’t hide it - we love our shirts, and we’re proud of it! That’s because we choose only the highest quality shirts, and use only the highest quality printing. We wear our shirts to work and to bed. We design them ourselves and buy from our favorite sellers. What makes us even more proud, is now we know our community feels the same as we do.

Two weeks ago, we started sending out a survey to every person who purchased a shirt through Teespring. We use the responses to get a sense of the quality of our business in a way that we could never judge ourselves.

The good news is, overall, people are happy! We’re averaging an overall satisfaction score of 4.35. We’re excited to share the breakdown of how people responded:

overall pie.png

The other thing we love about this feedback is, it gives us insight into the types of improvements we’re making that our community wants to know about.

Here are few things we’re constantly working on:

Garment Quality

We now offer more than 30 products from over 10 brands. By putting an item on our site, we endorse its quality and we want to make sure people feel that everything we offer fits their needs and makes them happy. If the fabric is bad, we’ll cut an item. If the fit of an item is consistently off, we’ll update our sizing chart accordingly.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 6.59.16 PM.png

Fabric quality by product

Printer Quality

We work with 20 different printers all over the country, which allows us to keep production rolling and ship everything as fast as we can (with more shipping time improvements coming). As we collect more data, we will be able to establish a baseline for printer performance. If we see a printer lagging, we’ll investigate and work with them to help them improve.


Fake printers with real numbers


Screen printing in New Hampshire

Seller Quality

We communicate closely with Teespring creators - we love sharing knowledge. As creators start to stand out as exceptional, not only in sales, but more importantly, in user satisfaction, we’ll continue to look to them for inspiration and knowledge about best practices for creating amazing customer experiences.


Walker and Evan, Teespring co-founders with Andrew and Arjan, two of Teespring’s top creators

Shipping Time

We know that fast delivery is essential to a positive customer experience and we’re always working to deliver faster. We’ll keep asking how our buyers feel about shipping until we know that they’re happy - then we’ll continue asking to make sure it stays that way.


We will always be looking for ways to make people happier - it’s just our nature. Our goal is to bring our average overall satisfaction score to at least 4.75/5 on all of these metrics. We will use the knowledge we gain from these surveys to drop the printers and garments that don’t reach our high standards, and work with any sellers who are having trouble.

The fabric won’t be perfect for everybody, printers will sometimes make mistakes, a few grumpy people will keep us up at night worrying about how to make them happy, but by constantly assessing how every element of the Teespring experience is for customers, and with a relentless drive to improve that experience, we hope to be the best we can be.

Thanks to everyone who has submitted feedback - we are listening! If you have questions or feedback about our improvement process, feel free to reach out to


Delaware showed us some big love in their feedback - thanks, Delaware! New Mexico was our harshest critic - they must be t-shirt connoisseurs…


Announcing New Features for Creators: Improved Buyer Messaging and Revamped Account Privacy

Teespring community,

Campaign creators are the soul of Teespring. We shine because of their creativity and passion. Today, I’m excited to announce that we’ve released two new updates to the platform which are designed to make creators more successful.

1. Improved Buyer Messaging

The ability to effectively message and engage supporters is an important part of building a lasting brand. To help creators achieve that, we’ve revamped messaging tools that will allow them to email past supporters using variables like name and location, and use markdown languages to have more control over the look, feel, and emphasis of the messaging.


This new tool should have a profound impact for creators’ ability to engage their biggest supporters and create lasting brands. It is the first step towards what will eventually become a robust email marketing tool that allows creators to group and message multiple campaigns at once, and track opens, click-throughs, and engagement.

2. Revamped Account Privacy Tools

Teespring continues to become a vibrant creative community. Naturally, we started to see instances where creators had successful designs and someone else would attempt to copy it.

We believe in encouraging and protecting creators’ innovation and original thinking. That’s why we developed a feature that allows creators to choose to keep their campaigns private from Google and other search sites (such as our discover tools, Teeview and Teescover). Now, when a campaign starts to reach high levels of success, it’s tougher for copycats to discover.  

We also released account privacy features, which are available on both the campaign level and the account level (go to and click “see more” next to a campaign, or “account settings” and then “account privacy” to make account level changes).


These features are just the latest steps towards helping creators focus on what truly matters - great ideas.

You can read about more great things to come from Teespring soon in my recent letter to the community.

Thank you for your continued show of support! We’re excited for what’s to come.




Letter to the Teespring community

Dear Teespring Entrepreneurs,

The past year was a busy one here at Teespring. We grew from a few campaigns launched each day, to thousands. We watched as our community raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for amazing causes and built multi-million dollar brands. We are humbled to be a part of each story.

Ultimately, your success is our success. So, everyday, we ask ourselves, How can we make our sellers more successful?” This is why I’m reaching out today.  

I want to announce a number of new initiatives at Teespring, and share some of what we will be launching in the next 100 days.


1. Improving Conversions

We’ve built an internal growth team that focuses on improving the user’s experience, as well as maximizing conversions on your campaign pages. We have already seen a number of initiatives produce awesome results:

  • I’m sure you’ve seen Teespring’s automated retargeting advertisements (at no cost to you!). This initiative has increased the average number of products sold per campaign by 12%.

  • In just the past month, we were able to increase buyer conversion rates nearly 20% by running over 50 unique split-tests to the design of the site.

2. Increasing Repeat Customers

Great conversions aren’t as meaningful if your buyers aren’t happy with the product or experience. Though we have had some scaling road bumps along the way, I am excited to share the results of our last buyer feedback survey from over 180,000 buyers:

  1. 93% of buyers gave their Teespring experience a 5/5 or 4/5.

  2. 91% of buyers gave Teespring a 5/5 or 4/5 on the quality of the product.

  3. 88% of buyers said they would “definitely” or “probably” buy from Teespring again.

We are encouraged and excited by these results but this is just the beginning. We are committed to consistently raising the bar on these numbers with the delivery of new initiatives and features, like the ones listed in this letter. I will continue to share these numbers with you so you know just how well we are doing.

3. Flexible Product Additions

We will be releasing an update to our “add additional products” page, which will give you the tools and flexibility to add whatever combination of products, colors, and pricing you feel is best for your campaign.

Here’s an early look at what’s coming (please excuse the cats - it’s still a work in progress!):


4. Integrated Deals System

We will be giving you the tools to offer deals, sales, discounts, coupon codes and other incentives to enhance your marketing and campaign management. You can show a discount directly on the price tag for all buyers, or pass out coupon codes to those who share the campaign with their friends.

5. Seller-to-Buyer Communication Tools

We protect buyer data and email lists on Teespring because we want to make an amazing buyer experience. We do everything we can to ensure that buyers will come back to Teespring. It only takes a few sellers abusing their email  lists for Teespring to develop a bad reputation, and that hurts everyone.

We want to give you the functionality of owning your buyer list, while ensuring Teespring’s reputation and repeat buyer rates. To accomplish this, we will be releasing a set of tools that will allow you to send updates - shirt related or not - to past buyers. You will have the flexibility to target one campaign’s supporters, or all, to send offers, news, and build your following.

6. Better Analytics

Here is a sneak peak at a section of the new analytics dashboard that we are currently implementing. This dashboard will allow you to quickly see useful information about your campaigns so that you can optimize your ad spend and product offerings to make your campaigns even more effective.


7. Capturing Interest on Ended Campaigns

We’ve been working hard on a feature that will allow your ended campaigns to continue gather interest and excitement, and can quickly reopen if enough buyers indicate interest.

Each day we’ll update you on which of your ended campaigns are receiving views and relaunch requests, and if enough requests come in we’ll automatically open the campaign back up and gather the orders.

Here’s an early look:


8. Hearing From You

We want to hear more from this amazing entrepreneurial community about how we can be a better platform for you. I am proud to announce that we are opening up a forum, immediately, where you can ask a member of our team (whether it is myself, someone from the tech team, or someone from the growth team) a question, share a suggestion, or simply provide feedback. We hope this will allow us to be closer with you and learn more about what we can do to help.

If you have any questions, please comment below and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

Finally, at the end of each month, beginning in April, we will be sending a monthly update where you can follow and connect with us about the latest and greatest Teespring initiatives, features, and updates.


All of these initiatives and new features are due to the hard work of our rapidly growing team - which now consists of over one hundred Teespringers dedicated to making you a success.

Thank you, sincerely, for your patience the last six months. We are floored, appreciative, honored, and humbled by the support you have given us. We promise to do everything we can to give you the platform and tools you need to be successful.

Happy Teespringing,


Co-founder and CEO