Fall Special: 5 is the new 10

We want to bring your amazing tee ideas to life. All of them.

Every week we do a good job of this, printing and shipping thousands of the shirts you and people like you create. But there are always ways that we can make your campaigns more successful.

We realized that a sales goal of 10 was getting in the way of your success, and that you could sell so many more awesome shirts if we could produce smaller batches. So we did some production work and…

as of today, the world of Teespring is getting a major update: the new sales goal minimum is 5!

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A Way, Way Better Dashboard

Imagine for a moment you’re test driving the latest new luxury sports car. The controls and dash look incredibly sleek – it’s impressive, and suddenly you have an incredible amount of power at your fingertips. Once you slide behind the wheel, you feel the urge to test every dial and knob – understanding the control and power behind each feature. It can take some getting used to, but it’s worth the effort.

You might have a similar experience when you log into your Teespring account today. We’ve upgraded the seller dashboard, so prepare to feel like you’re behind the wheel of a whole new Teespring vehicle.

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Find Your Niche with Audience Intersect

Advertising on Facebook is an incredibly effective way to find an audience for the shirt you create.  But it’s no secret that in the past, there were a few limitations with the most important factor – the unique, intersecting interests of your audience.

Now, you can discover the precise audience for your Teespring campaigns by combining several different interests using a powerful new tool called Audience Intersect.

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New Intellectual Property Guide

A big part of ensuring the success of your campaigns includes helping you understand intellectual property law (IP) and how it applies to the campaigns you create and share. For your reference, we created and published a comprehensive intellectual property guide.

In our guide, you’ll find:

  • Definitions: A breakdown of different legal terms, in terms you can understand
  • Checklist: A handy list of often-infringed-upon marks to review before launching your campaign
  • Resources: A collection of websites you can use to search for registered marks, or solicit free legal advice
  • Our Processes: Information about how and why campaigns are removed, how to file a complaint, and more.
  • Examples: Over a dozen Teespring-specific examples of how to avoid copyright infringement and trademark infringement.

Here’s an example of one design found on our site, and two different designs it inspired.  One of them was original, and one was shut down for infringement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to create campaigns you can launch confidently, without any worry that they might be taken down or suspended for infringement.

Have a suggestion for something we could add to our IP guide, or a specific question you’d like an answer to? We’re standing by in our forums – we’d love to hear from you!

Upcoming Webinar – Teespring Product Cycle

Today at Teespring, we’re on a mission to cultivate the flow of communication between our customers, creators, and our employees. We believe that feedback and suggestions from our community are a huge part of how to build the best possible Teespring.

That’s why we’re launching an ongoing series of webinars and hangouts, aimed to collect your ideas, answer your questions, and offer you knowledge and tools that you can use scale your business on Teespring.

Some of these hangouts will be short, informal presentations followed by a Q&A session with the hosts of the webinar. Others will be interactive, educational webinars hosted by experts in subjects such as acquisition marketing, graphic design, and demographic research.  In these webinars, you can expect immediately actionable tips and tricks for success on Teespring.

This Thursday’s hang-out will feature a quick overview of our product update cycle, explaining the process of how we roll out new features on our website. Hosts Jesse Avshalomov (Head of Growth) and Vince Tumbleson (Seller Success Strategist) will take questions from the audience in a Q&A session afterward. You definitely don’t want to miss this webinar on Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 2:00p EDT (11a PDT).

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.45.21 PM (1)Oct__2nd_Webinar_-_Blog_Post_-_Google_DocsHave any questions that you’d like us to answer during the webinar? Shoot your comments and questions to success@teespring.com and be sure to register for the webinar here!

Take a selfie. Make a #TeespringPledge.

If you ordered from the $1 Teespring Campaign a few weeks back, you might already have your hands on one of our brand new private label tees! If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t worry – There’s a blue bag with your name on it coming soon!

Launching our own private label line of tees was a big step for us. We want to inspire you to take on new challenges as well. That’s why we’re asking you to participate in the ‪#‎TeespringPledge‬.

Once you tear open your Teespring package and slip into your comfy, ultra-soft Teespring tee, take a moment to snap a selfie in your new tee. Here are a few of ours!


Then, take a moment of self-reflection, and pledge to do something awesome that you’ve always wanted to do. Your pledge can be anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and moves you to action.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few pledges our team has taken:

  • Sign up for an art class
  • Write a letter to 5 friends
  • Try making my own sushi
  • Start learning graphic design
  • Finally book that vacation to Hawaii!
  • Open my own Teespring store

We want to know what your pledge is! Share your pledge and selfie on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag it with #TeespringPledge. We’ll be featuring some of your pledges on our social media channels and will donate $250 to a charity chosen by the person being featured!

Now’s your chance to do something truly awesome! We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you’ll do.