More Money, Just Cause – Holiday Hoodie Special

Winter is an awesome time – holidays, hot chocolate, and perhaps best of all: hoodie season.

Hoodies are a favorite amongst Teespring creators. Not only can you accommodate shoppers in colder climates, but you also have a higher profit margin than with regular tees. As of today, that deal is even sweeter.

Now until the end of the year, we’re unbelievably excited to announce a $3 bonus for every Gildan hoodie you sell.

Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 1.20.50 PM


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Our Lips are Zipped

Just kidding, we’re awful at keeping secrets.

As of today, you’ll find a Hanes Full Zip Hoodie option available in the Teespring designer.

Over the past few weeks you might have seen a few surveys on our site asking about the types of products you’d like to see next on Teespring. People like you — ambitious Teespring creators and passionate customers– submitted thousands of replies. The results poured in, and the final polls showed clear results.

And hey, who would we be if we didn’t give the people what they want?

Screen Shot 2014-11-17 at 12.09.52 PM

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Announcing a 100% Awesome New Feature

At Teespring, you’ve always gotten an extra cash bonus when you sell more shirts than your original goal.

But we wanted to do something even better. What’s better than a volume bonus, you ask? An even larger volume bonus.


As of today, until the end of the year you will receive a 100% volume bonus payout on all of your campaigns.

This means that your profit-per-sale is fully determined by the base price for the total number of items you end up selling, regardless of the original sales goal you set when you created your campaign. Continue reading

Adding a New Spark to Your Sales

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been hard at work on a cutting-edge innovation to boost your sales by over 5%.

Like the backstage crew at your favorite play,  we’re always working on a few things behind the scenes to improve your performance. One of the most powerful levers we use is retargeting.  You have plenty of campaign visitors who may be interested in making a purchase, but aren’t ready to make a purchase at that exact moment.

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Fall Special: 5 is the new 10

We want to bring your amazing tee ideas to life. All of them.

Every week we do a good job of this, printing and shipping thousands of the shirts you and people like you create. But there are always ways that we can make your campaigns more successful.

We realized that a sales goal of 10 was getting in the way of your success, and that you could sell so many more awesome shirts if we could produce smaller batches. So we did some production work and…

as of today, the world of Teespring is getting a major update: the new sales goal minimum is 5!

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