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Springer Stories

An interview with Chuck Tingle

Chuck Tingle is a Hugo Award–nominated erotic science fiction writer who lives in Billings, Montana. He received his PhD in holistic massage from DeVry University and is a Tae Kwon Do grandmaster. 

Read on to learn more about Dr. Tingle's fashion tastes and inspirations. He discusses creative advice ("make designs that prove love"), conversational starters ("totes all have names...you can...

Global Markets

Holiday Season in Europe: French, Spanish and Italian Market Trends

France, Italy and Spain, 3 countries with high selling potential in Europe for Teespring. If you want to tap into these niches, be sure to give our latest fact file a click. Of course, these countries speak Spanish (Spain), French (France) and Italian (Italy), so we encourage you to get your designs and campaign descriptions translated with our translation service at translations@teespring.com.

Global Markets

Creator Insights: Shloka's tips for global markets

Shloka is a successful Teespring Creator based in India. He specializes in European niches and has kindly agreed to share more insight on some of the techniques he's used to find success within global markets.

New Features

Tip your hats to this new product


  1. Create your hat design using this template
  2. Create a campaign and put your hat design (EPS recommended) on a t-shirt. We will delete the tshirt once the hat mock-up has been added
  3. Fill out this hat launch form

Teespring Tips

3 ways to optimize the buyer experience

From our start as just a t-shirt selling platform to a community of eager creators and buyers, Teespring has evolved into the world’s largest selection of uniquely custom products anywhere.

Winning in commerce today means more than just high quality products that people love. Buyers want an engaging experience - a different way to shop than what they could find in a traditional retail store....

Global Markets

Holiday Season in Europe: UK & German sales trends

Christmas is soon approaching and we want you to be ready for this important selling season!

Christmas is not the same all over Europe as it is in the UK and the US, and that's why we've decided over the next few weeks to share with you some important information you may find helpful when selling designs to European markets through our Holiday Season Fact Files for different European countries.

Seasonal Selling

Winter Product Spotlight: What’s selling this Holiday Season?

This month we've discussed the top selling design themes and most common selling prices for the holiday season - now it’s time to talk about your buyers’ favorite holiday products. Before we dive into our top sellers from last year, let’s take a quick look at what products are heating up as the temperatures drops!

Global Markets

Creator Insights: Panupong on EU markets


Name: PanupongAge: 24Origin: ThailandTeespring Creator since: 2015

 1. What do you love about Teespring?

Right now, the thing that I love most about Teespring is Marketplace. It helps me boost sales up to 15-20% without spending on advert costs. 

Community News

New Products & Cashback to Maximize your Sales

Get ready for some crazy updates Over the past 5 years more than 1,000,000 creators have used Teespring to bring their ideas to life. Together, we’ve created art that tens of millions of people have bought, and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in profit for creators all over the world. Phew, that’s alot! We’ve done all this while maintaining the highest conversion rates in the...

Global Markets

Most Popular Selling Prices for Global Markets


When selling to global markets it can be difficult deciding on a price that works for everyone. For this reason we’ve compiled the most common price ranges per product to help make sure you know what works best! 

 These are the most common price ranges for top selling European products. Keep in mind for Euro (€) and Pounds (£) we've included VAT in the selling price.

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