Big Announcement about Little Tees

You’ve been asking for youth styles to add to your campaigns and better serve your customer base. This Friday, after testing the product with some top creators, we’re adding kids’ tees to the designer.

We understand how important it is for you to continue to grow the potential customer base for future campaigns. The products we offer in the designer are a huge part of that process, and we want to ensure that you have the best to choose from when crafting your campaigns. The first of many new products to be added to the designer in the coming months, these tees are 100% preshrunk cotton and fit children roughly aged 4 to 16.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 1.49.45 PM

Adding kids’ tees to the designer will have an enormous impact on the kinds of designs and promotions you will be able to run – imagine the new audiences that will take an interest in tees they can share with their entire family. That means parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings will have an extra incentive to purchase from campaigns for kids on Teespring! Due to the specific sizing for printing on youth sizes, the new kids’ tees must be featured on separate campaigns, but linking adult and youth campaigns together is easy with our recent release of storefronts.

Adding kids’ tees is only the beginning of the big plans we have for our product offering. Expect to see an expanded selection for young Teespringers, including baby and toddler styles too! And the product line expansion doesn’t stop there, we’re rolling out exciting new styles in women’s fashion, athletic apparel, and cold weather gear in the next weeks.

In addition, we’re announcing $20,000 in cash prizes for the top 100 sellers of kids’ tees. Learn more about the contest here.

We’re so excited to see all of the incredible things you do with this new addition to our product lineup.

Campaign Page Test : Soft Goals

We’ve got a brand new test queued up for community members, and we think it’s gonna be big.  Here’s what’s up:


  • You know there’s an auto goal drop feature, but your visitors don’t know they could get their shirts even if the goal isn’t reached.
  • Conversion rates increase on campaigns when they’re about to reach their goals.
  • There’s anecdotal evidence reported by the community that campaigns with zero sold convert less well.

The Test: Soft Goal

Instead of showing the goal on new campaigns, we’ll try showing the minimum number of shirts that need to be reserved in order to send the campaign to print. This has three potential benefits.

1) It lets buyers know they’re more likely to get their shirts!

2) It means there are now two different moments of that goal almost reached feeling to increase conversion rates:

  • When the minimum is almost met.
  • When the true goal is almost met.

3) We can use this as an opportunity to change the way we display the number sold for new campaigns: “Only 12 more needed to print!” which eliminates ever needing to show that zero have been sold.

Here’s an example of how a campaign would look, after it has reached the minimum needed to print, but before it has reached the goal:


All in all, we think this creates a better experience for your customers while creating the potential for even more sales, but we’ll only know for sure once we’ve tested it.

Expect to see a very small initial rollout of this test Thursday morning (October 23rd), and if it goes well then we’ll take it into full A/B testing mode.

Big Competition for Little Tees: $20,000 in cash prizes!

In case you missed our big announcement about kids tees, they’re finally here!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.00.55 PM

Worth smiling about, for sure.  Releasing new products to the community is one of our all-time favorite things, and always cause for a celebration.

And what better way to celebrate than with some friendly competition, with a total of $20,000 in cash on the line?

From now until November 16th, the 100 Teespring users who sell the largest quantity of kids’ apparel products are eligible to win between $100 and $5,000 in prizes (deposited directly to your Teespring account).


1st Place – $5,000

2nd Place – $2,000

3rd Place – $1,000

4th Place – $700

5th Place – $550

6th to 10th Place – $350

11th to 100th – $100

In order to be eligible to win, make sure you first:

  1. Create an account on Teespring (if you haven’t already!)
  2. Review the rules below
  3. Create one or more campaigns that use kids’ tees
  4. Sign up with your Teespring email below

Sign Up

Here is the full list of requirements and rules.  Make sure to read ‘em all!


    • You must sign up with the Teespring email associated with your account
    • Campaigns must be launched anytime after October 25th at 2pm ET and the campaigns must end before November 16th at 2pm ET
    • All campaigns must exist under one Teespring email
    • Competition winners will be asked to complete a short survey before receiving their winnings


  • There are no limits to how many campaigns you can create
  • Purchasing orders from your own campaign will result in disqualification
  • Maximum of one prize allotted per Teespring account
  • Orders from buyers that are cancelled will be deducted from total units sold
  • By entering the contest, you agree to allow Teespring to publicly disclose your identity, and how many products were sold as part of the results announcements
  • Teespring reserves the right to disqualify entrants for inappropriate behavior that goes against the spirit of the contest

If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below or at  Best of luck!

Fall Special: 5 is the new 10

We want to bring your amazing tee ideas to life. All of them.

Every week we do a good job of this, printing and shipping thousands of the shirts you and people like you create. But there are always ways that we can make your campaigns more successful.

We realized that a sales goal of 10 was getting in the way of your success, and that you could sell so many more awesome shirts if we could produce smaller batches. So we did some production work and…

as of today, the world of Teespring is getting a major update: the new sales goal minimum is 5!

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 9.15.57 AM

We’ll roll this out as a fall special for the end of the year, and if it’s as awesome for you as we think it will be, we’ll keep it around for the long haul.

To unlock the value tied up in campaigns that end with fewer than 10 orders, your campaigns will now finish successfully so long as you sell five units, and capture a profit.

For campaigns that sell between 5-9 orders, we’ll be using a different method of printing called “direct-to-garment.” Compared to screen-printing, the direct-to-garment (DTG) printing method is easier to set up for a smaller orders.

DTG goes from a digital image, to an image printed directly on the garment. This way, we can print super high quality images that never crack or peel.

Whether you’re running a small organization that needs a few shirts, or testing paid advertisements on campaigns that might end up with just a few orders, you’re totally covered!

A Way, Way Better Dashboard

Imagine for a moment you’re test driving the latest new luxury sports car. The controls and dash look incredibly sleek – it’s impressive, and suddenly you have an incredible amount of power at your fingertips. Once you slide behind the wheel, you feel the urge to test every dial and knob – understanding the control and power behind each feature. It can take some getting used to, but it’s worth the effort.

You might have a similar experience when you log into your Teespring account today. We’ve upgraded the seller dashboard, so prepare to feel like you’re behind the wheel of a whole new Teespring vehicle.

Over the last several months we’ve been taking in all of your feedback and building out this new and improved dashboard. Some of the features have been given a facelift, but others are entirely new upgrades. The functionality is incredible, but as with anything new it can be a little disorienting. Consider this blog post your handy owner’s manual.


Overview header: The most important information you need when you log into your account is now in the header of your dashboard. Your eyes will immediately land on the number of products reserved and the reserved profit as of that moment. And what’s even better, these figures can be filtered by active campaigns, today’s date, and an all time overview.

Search: Your dashboard now has a search function. That means you can find a specific variation of one of your campaigns with a simple keyword or title search.

Grid and list views: Whether you’re looking for a data-dense list view or a more visually enticing grid view, the choice is yours. Flip between the two style to customize your dashboard to your preferences.


Sort: Sort your campaigns by Most Recent, End Date, Profit from Sales, Number of Reservations, and Name.

Filter: Filter your campaigns down to the precise set you’re looking for. Now you can select by Active, Ended, Relaunchable, Drafts, and All Campaigns.


Download data: If Excel charts and graphs are the key to your Teespring success, we’ve got something extra special for you. You’ll find a shiny new button which automatically emails you a downloadable CSV file of your buyer data.

Ready to take the new dashboard for a spin? We can’t wait to hear what you think! Let us know any thoughts or suggestions you have in the comments below.

Idea to Design: Webinar Tomorrow, 2pm EDT

You’ve got an absolutely brilliant idea for a shirt. It’s clever, funny, and you know the exact audience who would love it.

Or, perhaps you want to create a shirt but aren’t totally sure where to start.

In either scenario, creating a design from scratch can be intimidating. Where do you begin? What if your design skills are rusty, or you don’t have any at all?

Not to worry, we’re here to help! Join us at *2pm EDT/11am PDT tomorrow (find your local time), as our graphic designers Jonny Stacey and Jimmy Nutini share their tips and tricks and answer your design questions live.

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.11.50 AM

Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.10.58 AM

They’ll go through the entire process of creating a campaign-ready design, starting with just an idea. From there, you’ll learn how to create an awesome shirt in one of two ways – using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and using just Teespring’s designer tool. Along the way you’ll learn beginner and advanced methods alike, such as how to remove the background on images, minimize design colors to maximize profit, and more.

If you have a design question you’d like to see answered during the webinar, be sure to leave it in the comments below.

Hope to see you there, and happy Teespringing!

*Can’t make it but want the slides and recording? Sign up anyway, and we’ll make sure to send you all the goodies after the webinar.

Find Your Niche with Audience Intersect

Advertising on Facebook is an incredibly effective way to find an audience for the shirt you create.  But it’s no secret that in the past, there were a few limitations with the most important factor – the unique, intersecting interests of your audience.

Now, you can discover the precise audience for your Teespring campaigns by combining several different interests using a powerful new tool called Audience Intersect.

Previously, adding several interests to your audience targeting widened the scope of who could see your advertisement. This meant that while more people were seeing your ad, you might have been missing the specific niche for your tee design. The Audience Intersect tool allows you to more effectively find the people who are going to love the shirts you create.  Let’s go through an example:

You want to create a shirt for people who love Dachshunds and love to hunt. We need to figure out just how large that target audience is.

Awesome! Looks like there are plenty of people who have both of those interests. Now, we need to design a shirt just for them.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.29.12 PM

With our target audience and our shirt design complete, we’re ready to start advertising.  This is where Audience Intersect comes in.  You’ll find it seamlessly integrates with your Facebook ads manager, making it easier than ever to find your perfect niche.

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 2.48.00 PM

Free exclusively for Teespring users, Audience Intersect is more powerful than using the Facebook ads interface alone and opens up a sector of Facebook marketing that has never been possible before.

Designed and developed by Teespring power sellers at technology company Fanrock, this tool allows you to more effectively market your shirts to the people who are most likely to purchase them.

Together, Teespring and Fanrock have worked with Facebook to ensure there is no risk to you or your Facebook account when you use Audience Intersect. We’ve tested the tool extensively and are confident it can help boost your business.

The potential for Audience Intersect to skyrocket your Teespring business is absolutely enormous, and we can’t wait to bring even more of these tools to you as soon as possible.

We’re sure you’re eager to try out Audience Intersect for yourself, so go ahead and get started. Have questions or feedback? Join the conversation in our forums.


New Intellectual Property Guide

A big part of ensuring the success of your campaigns includes helping you understand intellectual property law (IP) and how it applies to the campaigns you create and share. For your reference, we created and published a comprehensive intellectual property guide.

In our guide, you’ll find:

  • Definitions: A breakdown of different legal terms, in terms you can understand
  • Checklist: A handy list of often-infringed-upon marks to review before launching your campaign
  • Resources: A collection of websites you can use to search for registered marks, or solicit free legal advice
  • Our Processes: Information about how and why campaigns are removed, how to file a complaint, and more.
  • Examples: Over a dozen Teespring-specific examples of how to avoid copyright infringement and trademark infringement.

Here’s an example of one design found on our site, and two different designs it inspired.  One of them was original, and one was shut down for infringement.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In this guide, you’ll find all the information you need to create campaigns you can launch confidently, without any worry that they might be taken down or suspended for infringement.

Have a suggestion for something we could add to our IP guide, or a specific question you’d like an answer to? We’re standing by in our forums – we’d love to hear from you!

Upcoming Webinar – Teespring Product Cycle

Today at Teespring, we’re on a mission to cultivate the flow of communication between our customers, creators, and our employees. We believe that feedback and suggestions from our community are a huge part of how to build the best possible Teespring.

That’s why we’re launching an ongoing series of webinars and hangouts, aimed to collect your ideas, answer your questions, and offer you knowledge and tools that you can use scale your business on Teespring.

Some of these hangouts will be short, informal presentations followed by a Q&A session with the hosts of the webinar. Others will be interactive, educational webinars hosted by experts in subjects such as acquisition marketing, graphic design, and demographic research.  In these webinars, you can expect immediately actionable tips and tricks for success on Teespring.

This Thursday’s hang-out will feature a quick overview of our product update cycle, explaining the process of how we roll out new features on our website. Hosts Jesse Avshalomov (Head of Growth) and Vince Tumbleson (Seller Success Strategist) will take questions from the audience in a Q&A session afterward. You definitely don’t want to miss this webinar on Thursday, Oct. 2nd at 2:00p EDT (11a PDT).

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 2.45.21 PM (1)Oct__2nd_Webinar_-_Blog_Post_-_Google_DocsHave any questions that you’d like us to answer during the webinar? Shoot your comments and questions to and be sure to register for the webinar here!

Take a selfie. Make a #TeespringPledge.

If you ordered from the $1 Teespring Campaign a few weeks back, you might already have your hands on one of our brand new private label tees! If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t worry – There’s a blue bag with your name on it coming soon!

Launching our own private label line of tees was a big step for us. We want to inspire you to take on new challenges as well. That’s why we’re asking you to participate in the ‪#‎TeespringPledge‬.

Once you tear open your Teespring package and slip into your comfy, ultra-soft Teespring tee, take a moment to snap a selfie in your new tee. Here are a few of ours!


Then, take a moment of self-reflection, and pledge to do something awesome that you’ve always wanted to do. Your pledge can be anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and moves you to action.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few pledges our team has taken:

  • Sign up for an art class
  • Write a letter to 5 friends
  • Try making my own sushi
  • Start learning graphic design
  • Finally book that vacation to Hawaii!
  • Open my own Teespring store

We want to know what your pledge is! Share your pledge and selfie on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag it with #TeespringPledge. We’ll be featuring some of your pledges on our social media channels and will donate $250 to a charity chosen by the person being featured!

Now’s your chance to do something truly awesome! We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things you’ll do.