Let the Tee Games Begin!


Big Update: +1 Bonus Week!

The Tee Games have just begun, and we’ve seen some strong momentum right out of the gates. For those of you who need time to put aloe on your sunburns and blow the sand out of your keyboards, we’ve added a bonus week to the competition timeline. With this bonus week, you will have a total of 7 weeks to hit your unit benchmarks! Read on for more details about our awesome prize packages and about Tee Games contest guidelines. 

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Tee Games Tip: Products + Pricing

We know that there are many factors to consider when you are launching your campaigns, and that making the wrong choice could cost you a lot of time (and money)! This Tee Games Tip includes data-backed information on the products/pricing that have historically gotten sellers the most bang for their launch!

Women’s Popular Products

women's products

Above (from right to left): Teespring Women’s Premium Tee, the Bella Flowy Tank, and the Gildan Women’s Relaxed Tee. Keep in mind that depending on the season, the Bella Flowy Tank should be switched out for a hoodie or sweatshirt. We’ll be launching the Women’s Slouchy Sweatshirt at the end of August, an addition that’s expected to be a hot product for your fall campaigns! Continue reading

Tee Games Tip: Campaign Color Guide

Ever feel frozen with indecision when adding colors to your campaigns? Think you might be missing out on some Tee Games units by not including the right rainbow for your shoppers to choose from? Never again! For this week’s Tee Games tip, we’re bringing you the hard facts behind which colors have historically (and seasonally) given springers the highest conversion rates.

Keep in mind that the following color suggestions are based off of general Teespring data. When adding colors, be sure to also take the time to consider which shade of shirt your niche would like to see. For example, a hunting tee should always include a dark green, and a patriotic shirt should always have red, white and blue options!

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 1.42.30 PM

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Teespring Tech: Multi Currencies


Since the Tee Games is a global contest, we want to make selling to international markets as seamless and as easy as possible. Starting today, you can give you buyers the opportunity to checkout in their local currencies!

So what does Multi Currency mean for you? It means that when a buyer lands on your sale page, their IP address will automatically determine the currency that they see. This means that your item’s price can and will be displayed in USD, GSP, EUR, CAD or AUD depending on where the shopper is located!

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Tee Games Tipster: Michael Ullman

The Tee Games are all about pushing yourself harder than even to reach exciting new heights, and this often requires you to take a step back and update your knowledge base. We know that often the best advice comes from experience, so check out the following tips from super springer, Michael Ullman!

Tip 1: Quick, Easy, Unlimited Design Ideas

To succeed in the tee business, a good design is critical – nothing else matters unless you have a shirt that a group of people will want to buy!

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5 reasons you should join the Tee Games

The Tee Games are a contest meant to reward Teespring sellers for their awesome efforts. Over the course of 7 weeks, you’ll sell as many units as you can on either Teespring or Fabrily to try and hit one of our three prize benchmarks.

Even though the Tee Games started on June 29th, it’s not too late to get involved! Enter the Tee Games today, and we’ll count all of the units you’ve racked up in the past two weeks towards your total. Still not sold? Check out just 5 of the reasons that you should get in the Tee Games below!

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Tee Games Tip: Translations


Big news! For springers participating in the Tee Games, team Fabrily will be offering 3 free translation credits to use between July 13th and August 17th. To redeem your credits, email translations@fabrily.com (subject: Tee Games) with the design, title, campaign description, and ad copy that you’d like translated. Read on about taking advantage of Fabrily’s translations can unlock entirely new markets and up your unit total, and don’t forget to sign up for the Tee Games!

Translations: can they can make you more money?

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Tee Games Tip: Enable Up-Sells!

Up your Tee Games unit counts with Up-sells! If you’re hearing about Teespring Up-sells for the first time, this feature is a way for us to suggest to one of your shoppers that they add another product from your campaign to their carts.

After extensive testing, we’ve found that adding this prompt post-purchase boosts conversion rates to 3.5%! Enabling Up-sells during the Tee Games contest is an easy way to increase your total sales, so be sure to read on about what’s up with Up-sells!

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Tee Games Tip Week 2: Selling in Europe!


Many sellers wonder if they’ll find success in Europe- but what they don’t realize is if you can sell in the US, you can sell anywhere!  Fabrily, our European partner, allows Teespring sellers to easily reach buyers from different countries across the globe. Trying out these new, untapped markets is a great way for you to maximize unit sales to up your Tee Games count!

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