Collaborate With Team Accounts

Many Teespringers work with a business partner – a co-founder who collaborates on ideas, a manager who runs advertising campaigns, a virtual assistant who uploads designs on their behalf and more.

Today, you’ll find Team Accounts in your dashboard.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.33.40 PM

With Team Accounts, you’ll have the opportunity to grant choose different levels of access to partners based on each of your unique relationships. Now, you can collaborate with confidence, allowing you to scale your Teespring business to new heights!

You’ll be given the option to grant three different levels of access -– administrator, manager, or launcher.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 10.16.44 AM

Navigate to the “Settings” tab in your dashboard, and choose “Your Team.” Here, you’ll be asked to choose your team name, and to invite team members by email.

Screen Shot 2015-03-25 at 12.57.18 PM

Upon confirming their membership to your team, they’ll be able to login with their email address into your (now shared) account! Similarly, if you’re given access to a shared account you’ll be able to login with whatever email address was used to confirm the team membership.

With Team accounts, you have the ability to build your business on your own terms with the people you trust. Give it a whirl, and let us know what you think!

Springer of the Week: Houssem Zaoui

Better know as Houssem Minati of Teespring News, this Springer has a spirit that won’t quit, and has a payout history to match!

How did you first get started with Teespring? What were you doing before you started selling? Well first I want to say thank you to Teespring and everyone on the team, secondly before I started with teespring let me tell you I was broke and was doing adsense, a site that was earning me 900 EURO per month, then it was decreasing in ranking. So, 8th months ago or something around that I started with Teespring. I had heard about it on facebook and saw someone making $$ from a tee, then I started to research about that teespring thing, till I find that there is bunch of $$$ to be made, I started with youtube I checked every case study then started to test things on facebook. I remember my first campaign was for the trance audience. It said something like “ I love trance”. It wasn’t the best design! then I started to try scraping ids (now against Facebook’s TOS) and had nothing serious there, till I saw a quote on google that caught my attention, and just applied it on hockey nich BOOM! First campaign sold 60 shirts, and since then I have been relaunched that campaign many times and have made some serious money! From it then I scaled to other similar niches, none of them working so well, so I started to put a budget of around $500 or so just to test and learn everything about facebook ads and optimization.


What been the hardest part of your Teespring journey so far? How did you get past it?The hardest thing was finding the budget I needed to test, to try, and to scale my campaigns. That part was solved after I got a winning campaign that filled my paypal account with love!

Another thing was how I would learn everything about facebook, optimizing, and scaling in and out as well as how to do proper deeper research. But trust me if you want to master something, learn it yourself. You’ll have to constantly test yourself, and you’ll have to fail and lose till you know that this is A and this is B. Both can never be A!

I tried 20 campaigns before I found success and started to learn how to touch my audience with my designs. I will tell you this: I still fail and lose a lot, but when I find a winner I scale it through the roof!

What’s been the best part of your success on Teespring? Best part was in August 2014. I was bored to death and I dug up a design that I created a while ago and didn’t launched. I was just browsing through my computer, and said to myself “why not?” So I just decided to try it.

Then about 1 hour after I started ads on this design, 25 sold with 40$ spend! The design started to go viral and when I woke up the next morning I saw it had already tipped with incredible CTRs and saw that the time in America was around midnight. I went directly to my report I found that every adset was a winner! I doubled my budget on that time because it’s the best time to double your budget so facebook doesn’t eat it fast.

I kept running that design for weeks, and then relaunched it for 2 months or so. I sold more than 5k hoodies and shirts and earned more than 75k$! The best thing about it- it was only a 1 color design ;).

After that, my earnings from teespring allowed me to buy my first ever new car and also allowed me to take my family to Saudi arabia for OMRA. I’ve also bought myself some new watches now have money to my name to let me do a bunch of good stuff in the future!

10526128_1543218782598115_6393321584357009198_n IMG_3865

What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone just starting out? In 2010 I completed my university studies-  from that time till 2014 I’d be searching for a job without luck. Teespring has allowed me to live the good lifestyle here, but I am not satisfied with myself. I feel like I am a lazy boy, launching only 2 to 6 designs per month! I get one or two winners every year.. but what will happen if I launch every day? I will do this in 2015 because it’s my YEAR.

Let me tell you I mean YOU who have just started or is beginner: don’t worry and don’t give up on Teespring. This thing will change your life! If you try and lose, don’t tell me you spend 10$ on a campaign w/o sales and give up. BRO 10$ ? I spend like 100$ sometimes only to test, and only to know what interests convert!

Just try more. Don’t go for big niches on first time, because the big boys are there they have big lists of subscribers and bad-ass designs. My advice is to just go to after normal niches- go find them on interests pages on facebook, get one niche and go to google search for saying or quotes that relates to it!

I’d also recommend going to top 3 forums or blogs of that niche to read what people talk about there, and to know more about them. Keep 1 or 2 or 4 sayings and put them on shirts and post them on your page so your audience can choose what saying they’d most like to wear! Another thing is just read this and repeat it: scared money don’t make no money.

Go play with audience insights- it’s #goldnugget to pick interests then try to go deeper and rearrange your interests by affinity. If you have 4 or 5 interests that have high affinity go after them! That really works for me.

And as a last word, remember something that even the best sellers on Teespring know. To be successful, you WILL fail everyday. Don’t be scared of it. When you get a design that has an affect on the hearts of your audience, then you will win big!

Thanks again, Houssem! 

Get from Good to Great

There’s one thing we have, and will continue to obsess over — data! It’s the driving force behind nearly every decision made at Teespring HQ, from new features to new product offerings and everything in between.

We heard from a lot of you that data is a crucial part of your day-to-day, too. Here, we’ve pulled some interesting statistics about campaigns, tools, and what separates the good Springers from the very best.

Untitled Infographic (11)

Have an idea for some other numbers you’d like us to crunch? Comment below!

#TeespringGold : Arjun Ohri

This Week’s #TeespringGold comes from Arjun Ohri, a long time Power Springer who is constantly pushing the boundaries of Internet Marketing. Arjun shared the below strategy at #FabCon2015 (video to come next week), but because this strategy is so valuable, we’re releasing this as an early sneak peak.

Enjoy this information from Arjun, and start thinking about your “Comuni(tee)” design idea… contest rules to be released tomorrow! We’ll be mimicking Arjun’s voting system in how we pick the one we launch. Feel free to post questions about this strategy in Teespring News

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The American Apparel Women’s Crew Tee + The Bella Women’s Fitted Tank


We’re Proud to Introduce: The American Apparel Women’s Crew Tee!

The American Apparel Women’s Crew Tee appeals to every taste, no matter if you’re stylin’ it up or down! Patriotic buyers will love this All-American kind of shirt… it’s both made and printed 100% in the United States.

Made out of 100% ringspun cotton fine jersey, this super-soft tee is one of the highest quality and most durable options that Teespring offers. Fitted with a durable, ribbed neckband and offered in a rainbow of colors, the American Apparel Women’s Crew will make buyers say, “I’ll take one in each color!”

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Springer of the Week: Matt Belock

“Teespring is allowing me to help motivate and potentially inspire others to never give up.”


Where are you from? Where are you living? How’d you first find Teespring? Born and raised in Ventnor NJ about a mile from Atlantic City NJ. Still living here with the intent of moving sooner then later. I can’t remember yesterday and you won’t me to remember how I found teespring. :) I think it was a course that popped up in my newsfeed that I ended up purchasing.

How many campaigns did you launch until you had your first successful one? Tooooooo many. Lol. I think I went 0 for 10 starting off then landed a dog shirt as a winner. I might of sold 10 at the time.

What’s been the hardest thing about using Teespring? The hardest things are staying organized from design to launch to marketing. I’m all over the place. Lol. But I’m getting better at it. And of course my vision. It’s hard for me to follow a cursor and sometimes hard to decipher the colors when launching. It’s just something I have to deal with everyday of my life.

What’s been the best think about using Teespring? Over the past couple years I have been through hell. A lot has happened that I would never ever wish on my worst enemy. The best thing is teespring is helping me get my life back financially and being able to provide for my family.  It’s allowing me to help motivate and potentially inspire others to never give up.

What didn’t you know when you first started out that you know now? EVERYTHING. I started from literally $0. I do not take sole credit for any success that I have been having. I was and still am and will always be a student. I continue to learn as much as I can. I give a lot of credit to those that have helped me. As of late Ty has influenced me so much that I can’t say thank you enough. There are probably 15-20 others that I owe thanks to. Most may not even know that they have had an impact on my journey. Whether it was from a course, something shared in a group or just by me asking a question. They have all helped me. By no means are my numbers like many of theirs but it’s progress and it’s those bricks needed to finish building. I deal with adversity every single day of my life and it will continue to the day I’m gone. I have limited time to work and I take advantage of it any way I can.

What advice would you give other Springers? Be a student. Always learn as much as you can. The problem is how to make money with teespring. The answer is right in front of you. Treat it like a business regardless if you have limited time. Just get up and do it. I’m no better then anyone else and as cliche as it is if I can do it, anyone can do it. Don’t get so down if you fail a couple campaigns because if you give up now who knows your next campaign could of killed it.