Take a selfie. Make a #TeespringPledge.

If you ordered from the $1 Teespring Campaign a few weeks back, you might already have your hands on one of our brand new private label tees! If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t worry – There’s a blue bag with your name on it coming soon!

Launching our own private label line of tees was a big step for us. We hope we’ve inspired our community to take on new and exciting challenges as well, and that’s why we’re asking you to participate in the ‪#‎TeespringPledge‬.

Once you tear open your Teespring package and slip into your comfy, ultra-soft Teespring tee, take a moment to snap a selfie in your new tee. Here are a few of ours!


Then, after a bit of self-reflection, make a pledge to do something awesome that you’ve always wanted to do. Your pledge can be anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone and moves you to action.

Need some inspiration? Here are a few pledges our team has taken:

  • Sign up for an art class
  • Write a letter to 5 friends
  • Try making my own sushi
  • Start learning graphic design
  • Finally book that vacation to Hawaii!
  • Open my own Teespring store

Share your pledge and selfie on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and tag it with #TeespringPledge.

Now’s your chance to do something truly awesome! We’re behind you 100% of the way and we can’t wait to see the amazing things you’ll do.

Auto-Scaled Designs and Enhanced Mobile Checkout

Auto-Scaled Designs Based on Products

We’ve all heard the phrase “Different strokes for different folks,” but we bet you’ve never thought of it in terms of the Teespring Designer. Up until this point, designs were not re-scaled to fit the printable area for additional products, but just like the phrase above, there are different sizing requirements for different products (it doesn’t quite have the same ring though, does it?).

Here’s an example of what we’re talking about: Let’s say you create a large design on a unisex tee in Step One of the designer. Then, in Step Two you add a hoodie to your campaign as an additional style. Now a hoodie has a smaller printable area than a tee (you can’t print very well over the big pocket), and in the past your design wouldn’t have been automatically adjusted to fit the smaller print area of the hoodie. This sometimes meant that products looked slightly different from what buyers had expected!

We’ve worked to update this and are happy to announce that larger designs will now be automatically scaled to fit across all the additional styles added to your campaigns. No more confusion or inaccuracies, only a better idea of what the final product will look like. Here’s what the Auto-Scale looks like:


If you go back to Step One of the designer, the new printable area (based on all the additional products you’ve added to your campaign) will be applied to your original product, making it easy for you to adjust your design to fit nicely on all of them. You’ll be able to edit your design within the new scale until you save your campaign as a draft from Step Two or Three or launch your campaign.

This is an exciting new feature that will make the products you design more accurate and realistic, so your customers will be even happier with the products they receive!

Enhanced Checkout for Mobile Browsing

The second of our new features makes the checkout process easier and more fluid than ever – especially for mobile browsers, which represent over 62% of all sessions on Teespring.

The updated campaign page features extra product details for the customer who wants to make an informed decision before purchasing a tee. The most common requests we’ve received from customers are for details on each product’s fit, fabric, and other general details, so that’s precisely what we’ve added.


Additionally, clicking the “Reserve it now” or “Buy it now” button brings up the improved Style Selection dialogue box. The interface of this new dialogue box is highly interactive and allows the customer to adjust the color and style separately, rather than having them both in a single drop-down menu, giving them more space to make the selection process a bit cleaner.


Even more exciting?  This new Style Selection interface has a  linear layout  which makes ordering from your mobile device effortless and uncomplicated. That way customers ordering on the go know exactly what they’re purchasing!

These features will be rolled out gradually over the next few days, so don’t worry if you don’t see the updates right away. They’ll be coming to a browser near you before you know it!

As always we’d love to hear your feedback on these awesome new features. We’re here to hear you out in our forums!

Better Tracking, with Google Analytics

We’re always on the look-out for awesome new tools that our creators can use to make their campaigns as successful as possible.

One super-powerful tool our team depends on is Google Analytics (GA), the very best resource for discovering detailed statistics about a website’s traffic and traffic sources.

We love it and thought you might, too.  Now, you can now link up your Google Analytics and Teespring accounts to better measure your campaign conversions, and maximize potential sales from your marketing tactics.

Think of Google Analytics as your own personal insights center, serving you the information you need to make smart decisions about your campaigns.

Here’s a quick sample of information you can glean from GA:

  • See that 933 people are currently viewing your campaign page, and that 85% of them came from a Facebook advertisement you created
  • View the number of conversions (and revenue) generated from one landing page you created, versus another
  • Track the number of people viewing your campaign page from international locations
  • Record how many of your purchases came from males between the ages of 18-24

This is incredibly powerful data! Let’s say your campaign is receiving high volumes of traffic from women. But you can see in GA that very few of those women end up purchasing the shirt, or “converting.” To better serve this audience, you decide to add women’s shirt styles to the campaign, and update your advertisement to reflect that change.

To set-up Google Analytics with Teespring, you can watch our seven minute video series, or follow the instructions below.

  1. Set up Your Tracking Code – Under “Tracking Info” in your Google Analytics account, highlight and copy your “Tracking Code.” Go to Teespring.com/dashboard, and open the Advanced Settings for your campaign by clicking on the Settings icons.  Click on Analytics and then paste your unique code.  Now your campaign’s data will show up in your Google Analytics account.


  1. Exclude Paypal from Referral Source – Buyers often purchase their tee using Paypal, and are redirected to Teespring afterward.  To ensure this temporary redirect doesn’t interfere with your traffic reporting,  click “Referral Exclusion List,” under the Tracking Info section in your dashboard.  Add “Paypal.com.”

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.20.02 AM

  1. Enable E-Commerce Feature – Under the admin panel, click on “e-commerce settings.” Toggle the button to “on.” That’s it! Now, you can see exactly how many products were sold, and how much revenue was earned from any of your tracked inks. For more on how to use this feature, check out the GA Academy’s E-commerce course.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 11.16.32 AM

  1.  Set Up Unique Tracking Parameters (UTM’s) – if you’re directing traffic to your campaign from more than one source, it’s wise to set up special URLs to differentiate how effective one source is versus another.  One way to do this is by adding unique extensions to your urls, calling tracking parameters. Google has a special tool to help you create UTM’s.

We know, we know - that was a lot of information! But with those four items done, you should be all set to have your Teespring data pouring into Google Analytics, giving you all sorts of new ways to visualize and analyze your data.

If you have any additional questions about GA and how it can be used with Teespring, we’ve got some GA experts on standby in our forums.



New and Improved Seller Profit Display

At some point in your Teespring career, you’ll experience the excitement of having a campaign hit the profitability mark and become successful. It’s a great feeling, but it also comes with questions. How does a goal drop affect my profit? What if I sell beyond my goal? What is my profit right now?

That’s why we’ve updated the profit display in your seller dashboard. We’re making it easy for you to know exactly what you stand to earn, profit wise, at any given moment during your campaign.

Before, there was no display of profit until a campaign had reached its goal. Even then, we didn’t include the bonus you would receive should your campaign sell beyond its goal. Bonus payouts were only displayed after the campaign ended successfully.


Now, your profit display will be visible as soon as your campaign passes the minimum items needed to print and becomes profitable with a goal-drop. Even if your campaign doesn’t reach its goal, you’ll already know precisely how much you stand to make if your campaign ended right now. Additionally, you no longer have to speculate what your payout will be if you surpass your goal; it’ll be right there in your dashboard.

The new profit display takes all of the guesswork out of calculating your payout! No more waiting, only precise, concrete numbers, right at your fingertips.

So, how’d we do?  We want to hear what you’re thinking! Keep us in the loop and share your thoughts in our forums.

Now, Earn Up to $1000 Per Referral

We absolutely love watching our creators build their businesses on Teespring, but even more than that, we love knowing that creators want to help their peers do the same.

This is precisely why we created our referral program: to reward people who introduce their friends and colleagues to the power of Teespring.  All you have to do is share your unique link, and both you and your friend get an extra buck for every shirt they sell.


When we introduced this program, the most you could earn from a single successful referral was $100.  But, we’ve decided that we can do much, much better than that.

So as of today, we’ve upped that number to $1,000 per referral.

Let’s say you share that link with five friends today. If they each end up having several successful campaigns, you can earn up to a cool $5,000, automatically deposited into your account. Oh, and did we mention that your referred friends will also earn $1,000 on top of their regular Teespring profits?  It’s a pretty sweet deal all around.

You ready to share yet? We’d hoped so. Find your referral code and get started.  

As always, we love hearing from you! If you have thoughts or questions about our referral program, join the conversation in our forums.

Goodbye, PayPal Seller Fees!

PayPal Mass Pay - Teespring

Huge news, sellers! We’re launching PayPal Mass Payments to ensure every penny of your payout stays in your pocket.

You will not see any more fees to accept Teespring payouts via PayPal. We’re absorbing them so that you can keep building your brand and enjoying the profits you earn.

You’re likely all-too-familiar with the 2.9-3.9% PayPal fee to accept your Teespring payment. PayPal seller fees totaled about $130K for the month of July. Heck, that’s a car – or five. We couldn’t live with that, so we went on a quest to save your money.

As an added bonus, the Mass Payments launch also enables us to process your payments even faster.

We’re so happy to let you know that the profits you earn are the profits you will keep. Rock on, Teespringers!

Partnerships & Positive Vibes

We’re firm believers in doing what you love, and are proud to team up with others who are all about that, too.

That’s why we’re feeling the love with the launch of the first-ever Slightly Stoopid and Don Carlos collaboration tee!

The SoCal rock-reggae group combines musical talents with roots reggae legend Don Carlos. Both are known for touring the world, and bringing good energy wherever they roam.

As a trailblazer in the reggae movement, Don Carlos urges Slightly Stoopid to, “Show them with the music, teach them with the music.” Their design is a nod to the idea of spreading hope through song, and positive vibes from one generation to the next.

Slightly Stoopid Teespring design

Slightly Stoopid Don Carlos Teespring shirt

The design was created by Jimmy Ovadia and the Stay Up Movement, whose uplifting work is meant to motivate those who are “relentless for success.”

Like what you see? Go ahead…get Stoopid.

WMC Questions, Answered

Weapons of Mass Creation


Our next batch of FAQ comes from the creative minds from the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. A team of Teespring employees attended in mid-August, mixing and mingling during three days of inspiration, collaboration and self-expression.

A handful of solid questions popped up, and here are the answers:

Q: How does the campaigner make money?

A: When they launch a successful campaign that tips (or meets its sales goal).

Your profit comes down to the difference between the base price (an amount we quote to you) and your selling price (which you set).  Before you launch your campaign, you’ll be able to configure these options and determine the best fit for you.

Selling Price –  Base Price = Your Profit!

Need an example? Let’s say you choose a Ringspun Premium Tee with a base price of $8.05 per shirt:

Teespring Campaign Launch

Next, you go on to set your sales goal and price. The sales goal is set to 50 shirts, and the asking price is $22. Your profit would be $13.95 per shirt. If you meet your sales goal, you would make about $697.

Teespring Sales Goal

In the example below, the sales goal is 30 shirts. At an asking price of $20 per shirt, you would make a $11.58 profit on each one. Once you met your goal, your profit would be $347.

As you can see, everything is outlined for you so you know all the deets before you launch!

Teespring Sales Goal Adjustment

Q: How many sales are needed before the campaign goes to print?

A: You tell us! You set the sales goal, and once it has been met, your campaign is guaranteed to go to print. The minimum sales goal is 10 shirts.

Q: Do buyers get shirts shipped directly to them, or do I have to hand them out myself?

A: Consider it done. We’re responsible for the production and distribution of your product, which is funded by your buyers’ purchases. There is never any cost to you, or legwork on your end.

Teespring WMC

Teespringer Kyle Wagner answers questions at WMC.

Q: What rights does Teespring reserve of the artist’s original work?

A: None! Your artwork, your property. In our Terms of Service, you agree that you are the owner, or licensee, of all rights associated with any created or uploaded artwork or text, including but not limited to, the trademarks and copyrights that may be associated with said material.

Q: How does Teespring make its money?

A: How kind of you to inquire! Teespring makes a flat fee per t-shirt you sell, which is included in the quoted base price you see while designing your item. We do not take a percentage of your profit margin.

Q: Who takes care of marketing the shirt?

A: You do, and we have lots of great tips to get you started! Check out these blog posts for starters:

Thanks for the great questions and don’t forget, you can pick our brains anytime. Comment here or email us – support@teespring.com. 


Teespringers Surf for Life

Surfing in Guatemala


Big swells and a tropical climate make Guatemala one of the world’s premier surfing destinations. The surf is consistent, the waters are warm and it’s not too crowded.

But beautiful beaches aside, Guatemala remains one of the poorest countries in the Americas. It lacks infrastructure, employment opportunity and healthcare. Roughly 56% of Guatemalans live below the poverty line.

Teespringers visit Guatemala

International Committee of the Red Cross                                                                                                                               

As tourists become aware of local hardships, they’re pledging to make a difference. Enter Teespringers Justin Baker and Stephen Grieves. They’ve teamed up with Surf for Life to make their global surf trips about more than hanging ten. They want to give back to the destinations they visit.

That’s exactly what Surf for Life is all about. Volunteers fund and complete high-impact, sustainable development projects in underserved coastal communities.

As proud volunteers, Justin and Stephen call themselves “The Snorkel Bros.” They created this brand to raise awareness and fundraise for upcoming surf trips. Next stop: El Paredon, Guatemala.

“A lot of people don’t really understand the value, and some people just see it as a surf trip,” Justin shares. “That’s not what it is at all. We want to give something back, and do something a little more meaningful with our time.”

On their trip to Guatemala, The Snorkel Bros. will join other Surf for Life volunteers to construct a secondary school for local children. Without a secondary school currently, students in 6th grade and above must wait until primary school children finish their studies, then use their classrooms. This cuts their learning time in half.

The project breaks ground in November. Surf for Life requires a fundraising commitment of $2,000 per person to attend, and Justin and Stephen have upped the ante to $3,000 each. Donations cover all project materials, travel expenses and room and board.

With $1,700 raised so far, they’ve created a Snorkel Bros. tank to keep the momentum going.


Snorkel Bros. Surf for Life tank top

Justin and Stephen are encouraging people to purchase shirts for themselves, or one they can bring and give to a Guatemalan child.

Guatemalan children


With any luck, The Snorkel Bros.’ brand will become unstoppable, and Justin and Stephen will be packing for Guatemala. Learn more and follow their journey on Facebook and Twitter.

You never cease to amaze us, Teespringers. You’re athletes, world travelers, and true go-getters. Above all, you’re good-hearted people. We’re happy to be in your company.

Introducing Teespring Storefronts

Have you ever walked into a store, picked something up, and decided not to buy it? Maybe you were deterred by the color or price. Maybe you spotted something more your style. If we always bought the first thing we saw, we’d own way too much stuff we didn’t really like!

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes for a moment. Say they visit your campaign and decide not to buy that particular design, but might have purchased three of another one of your designs. That kind of missed potential was too much for us to bear.

That’s why we’re so excited to introduce Teespring Storefronts!

Now, your customers can browse the campaigns of your choosing in one place.

Teespring Storefront

Here are some ways Teespring Storefronts can help boost your sales:

A branded experience

  • You can choose to customize your Storefront by naming it, uploading a unique cover photo, and adding a description to motivate buyers, and introduce them to your brand.

Customize Teespring Storefront


  • You can create one URL to direct customers to your selected campaigns, so you won’t have to market each campaign separately. Save time and energy while showing off the designs you choose in one place.

Teespring Storefront URL

Ended campaigns can live on

  • Thanks to the Auto-relaunch feature, if you choose to include ended campaigns in your Storefront, customers can purchase designs they never knew existed, and you continue to earn profit from your past campaigns.

We’re all about the right fit, and Storefronts are our latest tool to help you match buyers up with the custom apparel they love.

To get started, click the “Create Storefront” button on your user dashboard. You can launch one Storefront at the moment, and we’re working on allowing more.

Launch Teespring Storefront

More details coming soon, so keep it locked here! As you start using Storefronts, remember we’re here to help. Comment on this blog post with questions, or your ideas for new features, or reach us at support@teespring.com.

Update: In response to some great questions, it’s important to note that once you delete your Storefront,  you won’t be able to get it back. You can not currently republish a Storefront that has been deleted.

Additionally, once your Storefront URL gets deleted, it is essentially reserved and unobtainable afterwards. For example, if you created a Storefront for “teespring.com/stores/this-url-rocks” and deleted it, nobody would be able to claim the url “/this-url-rocks” again – including you. This is because of the future functionality of being able to retrieve a deleted or disabled Storefronts – we’re working on it.

Please be very careful to not delete a Storefront with a URL you wish to use in the future!

If you’re sure you want to, you can delete your Storefront under “Settings” when it is being edited.