Update to Intellectual Property Regulations

At Teespring we are dedicated to building a community that supports and encourages innovation and creativity. This is why we have developed a Priority Policy to discourage blatant copying of successful campaigns.

Everyday, we are amazed by the great ideas our Springers dream up. While its only natural to be inspired by the creativity of others, we want to protect Springers against other people’s use of their exact content.

We believe this new policy and procedure will allow Springers to inspire each other while comfortably knowing that their content receives protection against exact copying.

Here’s how it works:
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The Shirt Your Audience Will Love

What product are we bringing you to ensure your design is a home run?

Baseball tees, of course! Also known as American Apparel Raglan Tees, these shirts have three-quarter length sleeves, boast a durable ribbed neckband, and come from an exceptionally soft poly-cotton blend. We’re starting with the classics, offering a white base-color with black, asphalt, and forest green sleeves options.

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We <3 Social Proof

In Brief: Showing the total number of units sold on a design after a relaunch, instead of resetting to 0 sold, drives 22% more sales to those campaigns.

On January 13th we rolled out a test that allowed Springers to show the total number of products sold on a campaign page, regardless of if the campaign had been relaunched, (so instead of having sold 90, then relaunching to display 5 sold, your campaign would show 95 sold).

The results of that test blew us away. Campaigns displaying social proof showed an increase in sales by a whopping 22% (on average)! Here’s an explanation of the change:

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Springer of the Week: Hugh Win

“The more time you spend, the more success you will find. The harder you work the better your luck will get.”

We caught up with Hugh Win, Springer of the Week, about his journey and experiences with Teespring. Hugh found Teespring at just the right time, and his work ethic has taken him to some pretty great heights. If you have more questions for Hugh, please ask him in our Teespring Community

  1. When is the first time you heard about Teespring, and what was tipping your first campaign like?

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Product Announcement: Two Tees Perfect for Spring(er) Break!


Spring Product Spotlights

No matter that the groundhog didn’t see his shadow- Teespring is bringing you an early slice of springtime! Today we’re excited to announce the arrival of both the Women’s Triblend tee and the Bella Flowy Tank top to the designer. Both products are fashion forward and breathable- perfect canvases for your designs this upcoming spring. Read on for a little more info on both product’s Teespring debuts!

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Springer of the Week: Glyn Williams!

We caught up with Glyn Williams, Springer of the Week, about his journey and experiences with Teespring. Glyn is not only an expert seller, but also a community mentor full of invaluable advice. View his (often hilarious) answers to our questions below, and feel free to ask him any question in our Teespring Community

  1. When is the first time you heard about Teespring, and what was tipping your first campaign like?

I heard about Teespring from a fellow writer Perry Hersom.  At the time i was writing books for kindle and getting despondent.  I did ok, but not the thousands a month I was expecting. I authored 22 books which even now bring in around $1000 a month – but a year’s work for that kind of income was ridiculous. I was used to much more.

In December 2013 Perry told me about Teespring.  At first I thought –“ that wont work” but he told me that it was the easiest cpa he had ever done.  He showed me a shirt that he did for country girls and he’d made about $600 in a week.  Then I sat up and took notice.

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“Ask Me Anything,” With Teespring Marc. B

In our “Ask Me Anything” series, we’re linking up with Teespringers from all over the world to answer questions from the community.

This morning, we were lucky enough to catch up with busy college sophomore and entrepreneur Marc! You might have read about him in our post a few weeks ago.

Marc had some awesome advice for Springers of all levels. In case you missed him, we’ve compiled some of our favorite quotes below.

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Facebook Advertising For Beginners: 5 Things You Need to Check Out

One way to drive sales to your campaign is through the use of one of the most powerful tools available to marketers today: Facebook.

Facebook’s advertising program allows you to pick and choose audiences that you’d like to see your Teespring campaign. You’re able to choose from factors like your audiences’ location, job, hobbies, age, and more. While it costs money to run advertisements on Facebook, people who learn Facebook advertising often see high returns on their marketing investment.

Creating your first ad can be intimidating. But it doesn’t need to be! Here, we’ve compiled tested-and-true resources to teach you everything you need to know to launch a winning Facebook ad.

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