Ugly Christmas Sweatshirt Templates & Tutorial

The Holidays are soon upon us, and so our thoughts naturally turn to loved ones, pumpkin pie, snowflakes…and of course, Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts.

Yes, Ugly Christmas Sweatshirts (Ugly Christmas Sweater style sweatshirts) are one of the hottest trends of the season and were extremely popular on Teespring in 2014. So we want to teach you just how to create the perfect one. Here is the latest on the timing of the trend, templates and a tutorial on how to create your own.


We pulled some data from Google Trends to see just how enormous the demand is. Let’s take a look at when queries peaked on Google in 2014:

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Sweatshirt weather is upon us, and there’s no better time than now to include a hoodie, zip up, or crew neck sweatshirt on your Holiday campaigns.

tsd08_UglyInitiative_TeespringSo Tees the Season… to sell Cold Weather Apparel! For the first of many Tees the Season Challenges to come, we’re giving out Ugly Teespring Christmas Swag to the top 25 Springers who sell the most “Cold Weather Apparel” products on their campaigns. The Sweatshirt Weather Challenge will run from October 15th to November 15th, so take a peek at our guide to crushin’ cold weather product sales below!

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Announcing: Global Holiday Contest


Tees the Season! We hope you are getting into the spirit as the Holidays are a huge time for sales worldwide. To add to those huge seasonal numbers, we are excited to announce our biggest and most global contest yet: “Tees the Season!”

Starting on October 15th and running right up until New Year’s Eve (December 31st) you’ll try and snowball your sales to reach one of five different sales benchmarks. Each benchmark is associated with a different cash value depending on how many units you sell. The contest spans a few big holiday milestones, and you can be sure we’ll help you find the best ways to maximize your sales to take advantage of each one! 

Since the Holidays have us in the giving spirit, we’ll also be giving out many “gifts” over the course of Tees the Season! These gifts are aimed to help you score more points to get you closer to a prize, and also at to sprinkle in a little fun along the way.

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Teespring 2015 Holiday Update

Power to the Seller!
We’re excited to present you the first in our three-part 2015 Holiday Seller Update – your guide into important programs, tips and changes to enhance your seasonal selling on Teespring.

Up First, Extended Holiday Dates:

truckFive Extra Days of Holiday selling  We’ve extended the cut-off date for Christmas delivery from the original date of December 10th to the new date of December 15th, helping you ride that profit wave from last minute gift givers!

peopleExtended Buyer Satisfaction Give your shoppers the gift of peace-of-mind. They now have until the end of January 2016 to contact our satisfaction team, building confidence in each & every sale (We’ll make it right in the unlikely chance that they don’t LOVE their awesome, unique tee!)

Reopened Contest Entry– If you haven’t signed up for Tees the Season, you can still do so until Friday, Nov 13th. Compete for our biggest prizes ever, receive gifts + tips, and unlock a new, exclusive data tab right in your Teespring dashboard!

emaizllzlTeespring Email Marketing Program (Beta) If earning sales on auto-pilot sounds like a good way to spend your holiday, you won’t want to miss out on our new Email Marketing Program! This program enables you to earn passive income by automatically monetizing your past buyers and designs. By participating, your campaigns are eligible for promotion in Teespring’s email marketing efforts. If a Teespring email drives a purchase of an item from your campaign, you will split the proceeds equally with the Seller that originally brought that Buyer to Teespring.

Expanded Retargeting Program (Beta) Teespring’s retargeting program drives significant sales, is powered by the industry’s best targeting technology, and is optimized to bring back the highest quality traffic. While this basic retargeting is a free service offered to all Sellers, we know that we can achieve even greater reach by working together and pooling our advertising investments. With that in mind, we’re introducing Premium Boosters, a new feature which will help you further grow your sales. Your cost to acquire a new buyer through Premium Boosters will be a flat $4 CPA (aka cost per sale) and will be deducted if – and only if – our targeted ads drive a sale. Work with us and watch the stream of sales grow along with your ROI!

Visit Teespring University to find out MORE!

Universal Facebook Pixel

Teespring is ready for the new Facebook Pixel! You might have heard about Facebook’s recent announcement introducing the universal Facebook Pixel and a plan to put an end to the old Conversion Pixel by mid-2016. This new unified pixel is meant to be the “one pixel to rule them all”, replacing the need for a separate Conversion Pixel and Custom Audience pixel. For more details, you can read their blog post here.

To upgrade to the new Facebook Pixel on Teespring:

  1. Navigate to the Settings page

  2. Click into the Conversion Tracking tab

  3. Notice that there is a new input field for the Facebook Pixel ID.

  4. Click the checkbox to confirm upgrade and then enter a Facebook Pixel ID. Read more about which pixel to input and how to work with the new Facebook Pixel ID here.

  5. Click Update Info at the top when you’re done to save your changes

Once you have chosen to upgrade to the new Facebook Pixel, you will notice that your old Conversion Tracking and Custom Audience pixels are now disabled. In this state, you can still reference your old pixel ID’s but you will no longer be able to change or edit them. This will be case for both your global pixels and your campaign specific ones.

As you add in a new Facebook Pixel ID, it will automatically set the ID across all of your campaigns. If you would like to customize a different pixel for each campaign, you can go into the campaign settings for that particular campaign and set a unique Facebook Pixel ID there. A campaign level Facebook Pixel ID will override the global one. If you remove the campaign level pixel, it will default back to the global one. Again, at the campaign level, you will see that you are no longer able to update your Conversion Pixel or Custom Audience pixel any longer.

After you have upgraded to the new Facebook Pixel, you will still have the option to revert and continue using the old conversion and custom audience pixels separately as before. However, since Facebook has now announced a plan to end the old method of conversion tracking, we encourage you to upgrade and experiment with the new Facebook Pixel!

Standard Events- Of the 9 standard events below that Facebook has set, Teespring is currently supporting:

  • Key page views (ViewContent) on the campaign page
  • Add to cart (AddToCart) on the checkout page
  • Make purchase (Purchase) on the order confirmation page

Thanks for reading, and be sure to reach out to with any questions on how to make your pixel, perfect!

Tees the Season to sell in Europe!


Teespring has gone global, and we’re taking this holiday season with us! While temperatures plummet over the pond, sales are just as hot as they are on US soil. For Tees the Season, EU edition, we’re providing Springers with the information they need to amplify their Holiday efforts by selling worldwide. Take advantage of Europe’s huge inflation of online sales during the holidays (20%+!) and get rewarded for it by participating in Challenge #2! Read on for more teetails:

Tees the Season to sell in Europe!

The Challenge- For 30 days, all Springers will race to sell as much as possible on the Teespring (EU) and Fabrily platforms to place in the top 15 performers.

The Prizes- Aim for a high overall unit count, or focus on being the best in a specific country. Never sold in the EU before? No sweat- newcomers also have a chance to win big!

The top 15 sellers will receive:

  1. Extra Adspend– The top 15 sellers will receive £150 to amplify their Holiday advertising efforts.
  2. +1 Messages- These sellers will also have +1 messages per week for the rest of Tees the Season, allowing them an extra message to buyer per campaign. This will be hugely helpful in terms  of driving last minute holiday units, and upping your total Tees the Season counts!
  3. Global Swag Bag– In addition to the above prizes, the top 15 winners will also receive a “Global” themed swag bag

The Sellers who “Conquer” the top 10 EU Countries will receive:

  1. The Title Award- Sellers will be named “Queen or King” of that country. (Ex. Queen of France, King of Spain), and will be awarded custom swag.

The top 10 “Newcomer” Sellers will receive:

  1. New Springer in Town award– The 10 “EU Newcomers” with the highest unit count on Teespring EU and Fabrily  will win a global swag pack


  • This challenge will last from October 28th to November 28th.
  • To participate in this challenge, you must sell via the Teespring EU and/or Fabrily platforms
  • You can win as many “Conquer the Country” awards as you qualify for
  • Only sellers registered for Tees the Season will be eligible to win
  • To win the newcomer award, you must have sold less than 100 units on the Teespring EU/Fabrily Platforms

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry! Start by studying our playbook to selling in Europe this holiday season- we’ve even got a section that explains how you can use your top-selling US designs in Europe!

How to launch a Teespring Europe campaign

Launching a Teespring Europe campaign is easy! Just go to the Teemaker on, and for the fulfillment location select “EU”; this ensures that your EU buyers will get the best shipping rates and delivery timeline for their order. Once you’ve selected “EU” as the fulfillment location, proceed with launching the campaign as you normally would!

teespring europe



Teespring Tech Update: Campaign Analytics

Tees the Season to make data driven decisions! Today, we’re excited to announce the full release of our new campaign analytics system, giving you the “gift of data.” Simply click on the analytics icon next to a campaign to see campaign-specific analytics right from your Teespring dashboard! Read on for more details about what types of data we’re showing and how these new numbers can help drive huge Holiday Sales.

unnamed (2)

Narrowing In- With our new analytics system, you can zero in on the data that matters the most to you. You’ll now have the flexibility to configure data by runs and by date.

Runs– From your campaign analytics page, you can choose whether you want to see data from your most current run, from any previous run or from all of your runs combined. Gone are the days of digging through all of your campaigns to find the right relaunch. You’ll be able to access historical performance from any run associated with the campaign from the analytics page!

Date Picker– Once you select your preferred run option, you’ll have the ability to narrow down your view to specific dates and date ranges. On the left, you’ll see hotlinks that allow you to quickly select Today, Yesterday, the Last 3 Days or the Last 7 Days. You can also select a custom date range from the calendar. Click Update and all of the data on the page will adjust accordingly.

Timezone– The new analytics supports the Default Timezone Setting from the Settings page of your dashboard. If you’d like to see your analytics in a different timezone, go to your Settings page, choose a different timezone, and your campaign analytics will adjust accordingly. Please note that the aggregated summary statistics on your campaigns dashboard will also adjust to the new timezone.

What’s the Data?

The first piece of data you’ll see is a recap of your numbers, aka Summary Statistics. This will provide you a high level snapshot of your Orders, Units, Conversion Rate and Estimated Profit for the particular campaign.

You’ll also see a glimpse into cancelled Orders and Units. Simply click on the Orders or Units number and the Summary Statistics will expand to show you orders and units, placed versus cancelled. See below for the expanded view on Units.

Get Variables

After that, you’ll see a section dedicated to your GET Variables. For those of you who are less familiar with GET variables, they’re URL parameters that you or Teespring can append to the end of a URL to help differentiate what kind of traffic it is. For example, you might see something like this: In the GET variable table, you would see the key: getvariable and value: test. Then you’d be able to see how many views, orders, units and what the conversion rate is associated with all traffic that includes ?getvariable=test at the end of the URL. GET variables are used to keep track of performance and traffic across marketing channels.

Teespring Boost

The Teespring Boost section is meant to give you a sense of units generated from using Teespring tools. Currently that includes using the New Campaign Launch message template, using promotion codes and utilizing our cross-sell feature tied to a storefront. The Teebonus category refers to free units driven from Teespring marketing efforts including retargeting on your behalf!

Products Breakdown

The Product Breakdown table lets you know which products are the hottest sellers, and helps you estimate how much you’re making for each product and color combination. Pro Tip: if you find that one product in particular is selling really well, switch out your ad image or drive traffic directly to that product type.

Update Schedule- Data for the new campaign analytics system updates hourly. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see when the data was last updated. Also please note that since this system is new, only campaigns with a start date of after 8/1 are supported. For campaigns before 8/1, you will not be able access or see data using the new system. For campaigns where it was originally launched before 8/1, but has a relaunch that started after 8/1, you’ll be able to see data for the most recent run and for any run that started after 8/1, but you will not be able to see All Runs.

Thanks for reading up on the New Campaign Analytics function. We hope this “gift of data” will help you “sell smarter” than ever, and add even more units to your Tees the Season Holiday count!


‘Tees the season for gift shopping – and we want to get as many shopper’s eyes as possible on your winning campaign!

This year, we’re choosing the best of the best holiday tee and sticker designs, and featuring them around the web in popular gift guides. Check out the image below to view the categories we are looking for, and be sure to submit your winning urls in the form below.


The deadline for submissions is Monday, October 26, 3PM PST. Please note that in the event that your submission is chosen, Teespring has the permission to feature your designs. Thanks for your submissions, and cheers to you being the next big Holiday celebri(tee)!

Announcing: Goal of One

Sometime in the distant past (okay, maybe around 3 years ago) the Teespring minimum to print was twenty. Then it dropped to ten… then to three… and now we’ve finally made it to ONE!

We first enabled Goal of One for a hand-picked group to help us test it out, and now this feature is available for all!

How do you enable “Goal of 1” for your account? Great question. You’ll just need to do a few things:

  • Go to your Settings page to enable “Revenue Boosters: Retargeting, Email Marketing, Goal of One, and Product Ads.”                               
  • When you upload your artwork, make sure that it is vector artwork (.eps file) rather than a raster/pixel graphic. You must use vector art so that we can ensure a high quality, crystal clear print! Without vector art, the minimum to print will remain 3.
  • In order for your colors to appear just right on your print, the artwork must also be created in RGB mode. (See below for instructions on how to switch your file to RGB mode). 

sRGB Parameter in AI

Note: artwork created from our design tool is already vectorized.Your campaigns that have been vectorized previously (aka ended successfully) or are in the process of being vectorized will also be eligible to relaunch with a goal of one. Goal of 1 is only an option for Teespring US campaigns… for now!

To sweeten the deal, we’ve also built a “Continuous Relaunch” feature that will give you the option to run evergreen campaigns. All ended campaigns are automatically eligible for “Continuous Auto Relaunch” which allows you to set your campaigns to immediately relaunch every time they end. You can determine the campaign duration of these relaunches!

We hope that you’re as excited about this as we are! For the first time in Teespring history, you will have the ability to:

  • Recoup profit from every single sale you make, hopefully reducing the pain of experimentation.
  • Run “evergreen” campaigns that are continuously active, for long tail monetization (and put the time you spend relaunching to better use!)
  • Order one super cool tee that you made just for you or a loved one

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to I’m happy to help!